1 outta 2

There are times when you feel good about the job you are doing as a mother. Days when you think,”Okay. I am not perfect and they aren’t perfect but it’s working.”

Uh...do what?

Uh…do what?

And then you get  text like this!

He was at his dad’s. We were exchanging text about what he wanted to do this weekend. Like a good mom I was holding back the ever elusive YES. No way was I giving up a clear cut YES-it was held hostage until my demands were met. You know-clean room, babysitting, laundry, etc. If he really wanted to go I might be able to squeeze an extra chore or 2. Insert evil
laugh here. Hey-a moms gotta do what a moms gotta do. So I had given him a variation of “we will see” and ended the convo (look how cool and hip I am). I puttered around doing mom stuff. A while later a messages popped up. The message above. Out of nowhere.

After I read it twice I responded instinctively with WTF. Luckily my finger didn’t hit send just right so it didn’t go. Opps. I realized my mistake…Not great mommy talk. I toned  it down a bit.

My first thought was what had he possibly done in an hours time that had him worried about going to prison?  It only takes a text like this to have you start re-thinking your success rate as a mom.

It was about this time that I decided since I was on my phone and had already been jolted a bit I would go ahead and check the kids electronic progress reports. I try and limit my heart stopping moments and keep them as contained as possible. While my adrenaline was still pumping I logged on. Since there was already a discussion happening about prison it seemed like a good time. If the state of his grades looked like they did this time last year I might not be able to make the same promise about prison.

I started with my daughters profile. It’s usually the lesser of the 2 evils. Although the words “chatty” and “bossy” and “brutal honesty” have been used on report cards to describe my daughter. Imagine my surprise when a) it wasn’t horrible and b) there was actually a charming little note about my big girl?????

She had mentioned in the past that her math teacher had a spot on her board reserved just for her. To be honest I thought it was the spot that your name goes just before you get sent out of the room.

I was unexpectedly delighted when I saw that she wasn’t listed on the MOST WANTED section of the board but had her own space for delightful quotes she made up for her math teacher.

Well…1 our of 2 ain’t bad.



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