3 seconds

Fear or determination---what is stronger?

Fear or determination—what is stronger?

3 seconds. It’s enough time for a deep breath, a moment to visualize the end, to say silent prayer or a whisper a “please”.

It’s a moment or it’s an eternity.

3 seconds can make all the difference. In 3 seconds you can become a hero or you can suffer defeat. All in 3 seconds.

Today is about 3 seconds for my champion. 3 seconds will decide his success as a freshman. 3 seconds will define who his is—in his mind. And for those 3 seconds all I can do is watch, hold my breath and whisper ‘please-please-please-please’.

I want 3 seconds more than I’ve wanted anything in a long, long time. I want what 3 seconds will mean for him. I want it bad because he wants it so bad.

In 3 seconds my son will know which is stronger-fear or determination. HIS fear or his determination I should say.

3 seconds will determine if he is an okay swimmer or if he is an incredible swimmer and makes a state cut as a freshman. My fella needs to lose 3 seconds to meet his goal. My fella spends hours working as hard as he can for what amounts to a difference of 3 seconds. 3.

He will walk up to the board, breath deep and dig deep and then what will be will be. He will pull up to the block-visualize his race and try and slow his beating heart. He will tighten every muscle, tense every tendon and focus every ounce of energy while he waits on the horn. And when the horn sounds he will release the energy, allow the adrenaline and the training to take over. He will explode. He will use every bit of strength to explode off the block after taking a deep breath and then…..

For 1:03:06 I will hold my breath and hold back tears because in 1:03:06 he will be alone to do what he does and to be who he is. He will have 1:00:00 to make hundreds of yards of practice count. He will have 1:00:00 to be more then he thinks he can be. In 1:00:00, in his mind, he will be a champion. In 1:00:01 he will, in his mind, he will be defeated. In 1:00:00 the voice if the bullies, the taunts and the jeers will fade. In 1:00:01 the bullies will win. The taunts and the jeers will be all that he hears.

Today is about 3 seconds.


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