Another kind of win

3 seconds…won one and….I can’t say lost one because I don’t see anything about today that is in any way a loss.

My dude nailed an inward flip. The dive. He looked fear in the eye and said,”not today.” He did something that scared him and he did it well. In that dive-in the willingness to try the dive-I saw character and strength and a will that makes me proud.

He didn’t make the state cut in the backstroke. But he tried. He swam with 100% heart and no state qualifying time could make that swim any more impressive than it was to me. He handled himself well. He handled the result well and he plans on giving it his all again next week.

Out of 33 teams-some of them 5A and 6A teams-won overall with the girls taking 1st and the boys taking 2nd. And they did so with only part of their team. Only varsity and fastest times were submitted. Impressive. My fella stood in the team picture wearing his goofy hat and trying to look all serious. I saw the twinkle though. The twinkle in his eye because he know he has contributed to the trophy his teammates were holding.

All the wins weren’t in the pool Tonight as we were finally leaving the natatorium a senior who Colton admires and looked up, saw him leaving and called out,”hey—aren’t you going to dinner with us?” My heart skipped a beat. He belonged. After 12 hours at the pool he was ready to be home so he declined the invite but to be included seemed to have pleased him. It pleased me.

My son had a sign in his room that reads:

sports don’t build character-they reveal it

I saw his character today. And I liked it. I saw it in his desire to do his best and I saw it in his behavior when his best didn’t place him quite where he wanted it to be. We might not have lost the 3 seconds he wanted but it’s okay. We gained more today then what we would have won with a 3 second drop in one race. We won more then a single race today.



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