Unexpected adventure

The 2015 B.A.S.S master classic was at lake hartwell this weekend. Now this isn’t any old fishing tournament….It’s the Super Bowl of fishing. The World Series of the sport.

My parents live in Lake Hartwell. My uncle own a fishing camp in Florida and has hosted one of the qualifying events so he knows some of the guys. He even hooked (haha) it up so that one of the anglers (learned that’s what you can men who fish) stayed with my parents when he came up to learn the lake. So though we aren’t avid fish followers my parents had some ties that made it interesting. They invited is along.

Wow. Holy cow kind of wow. First of all there was a bass expo would was full of prizes and giveaways and excitement. We won hats, samples bourbon, stood in line for prize wheels and got into the spirit of the day. Other then the $37.00 concession meal it was all free and fun.

From there we moved to the weigh in. Bad a-s-s bass. Tricked out trucks and $70,000 boats filed into a packed arena with hand-picked music blaring and lights pulsing. 56 anglers hoped on stage from their boats that were driven inside and brought their prize catches to be weighed. Only 25 would make it to the final day so every ounce counted. My parents housebuddy didn’t fair so well….he jumped from boat to stage empty handed which had to suck.

After the weigh in the anglers were interviewed briefly and they were all do darn nice and humble and funny that you found yourself liking and rooting for all of them.

This morning over my dad’s famous SOS we found the live GoPro coverage of the anglers fishing live. Midway through the meal my 12 year old daughter suggested we go back for the weigh-in. Even she was into it. So we all piled back into the car and off we went.

And today was just as cool! The excitement was palpable. The bi-lo center was packed to the gills. We ended up in the nosebleed section. It was so exciting and drama-riddled…it sucked you right in. My little one hooped and cheered like she knew what was happening. My 12-year old chatted with her Grandpa about tricking out his poontoon with LED lighting while he encouraged her to pick up a pole and become the first woman angler to win the classic. My mom bought this awesome fishing jerseys for us all so we looked the part. We all got into it.

It was an awesome, innocent, fun day full of simple pleasures and family. I didn’t know we’d end up having such and adventure when my mom suggested we go. In the end we saw a hometown boy win $1,000,000 on his home lake in the fishing tournament of his dreams and had an unexpected adventure in the process.




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