Gift that keeps giving

A few years ago my friends gave me a birthday present that has given back to me almost every day sense. The gift  was a jar filled with all the reasons why they love me. And it can with a stern warming—I had to believe them because they meant each and every word.        […]

If this is you….

  If you are reading my honest blog and are  electing to see me as self-loathing or desperate for attention —please…stop reading it. It’s okay. Hate me or disapprove of me from afar.  I know there are lots of folks who don’t agree with me airing personal business online. I get it. Had I not felt […]

My Truth

Speak your truth…even if your voice shakes.   This is the start of my story. This isn’t about airing dirty laundry:  It is personal and embarrassing and hurtful and shameful but it’s the truth and I can’t get over it until I’ve worked through it.     On April 7th my name will be broadcast loud […]

Laundry drama 

81 degrees and a glorious spring day. Are we outside? 2 of us aren’t.  Nope. Laundry day. 30 minutes we drove around looking for a laundry mat. Do you know how hard it is to find a laundry mat????  Do you know how hard it is to teach a 15-year old to brake and pull […]