Laundry drama 

81 degrees and a glorious spring day. Are we outside? 2 of us aren’t. 

Nope. Laundry day. 30 minutes we drove around looking for a laundry mat. Do you know how hard it is to find a laundry mat????  Do you know how hard it is to teach a 15-year old to brake and pull into to every strip mall you pass? After the laundry mat I am going to need to find an ER to treat the whiplash. 

Finally found one. Overshoot it my only one block.  Park. Get out. Go in. Guess who doesn’t have cash?????? Boy is not happy with me.  Load back up and get back on car which is parkes up the hill. Priced to drive for another 15 looking for an ATM. There are on every corner until you need one. Finally, finally find one. Overshot it by 2 blocks but it gave me the opportunity to teach a c turn. (His adorable take on a u turn.)

Back in the car. Back to the laundry mat. 

What kind of laundry mat doesn’t have a change machine! Have to buy lunch at the restaurant across the street to get change.  $14 later we have 4 quarters. Thanks for the generosity chicken finger man.  Machine is $5.75. Man-child curses. I don’t correct or even reprimand him. 

Back in the car. The dirty sock smell permeates the air. Thank god it’s a nice say so we can crank the windows down.  Even with the windows down we need gas mask or hazmat suits. Gross!!!

We head to the college side of town where we find another laundry mat WITH A CHANGE MACHINE. Glory be.

To complete the boys humiliation I make man-child unload the frozen princess hamper, theSam’s cooler, the hefty bag and the trash bag. Our dryer broke a loooonnnggg time ago. 

Armed with $24 dollars worth of quarters we proceed to test the load capacity of the multi-maxi-super-duper washer. Sorting be darned. We are in get this done mode. I worked up a sweat getting all the clothes crammed into the machine. Next issue: NO PODS. Guess what I’ve got? Pods. I resist the urge to lay down on the floor and cry. I am a hardend criminal now-I’ve used a Sam’s card that wasn’t mine-so I toss that pod on with out a 2nd thought. Take that laundry mat po-po. 

After the $5.75 washer I giggle with glee at the .25 dryers. Until I realize .25 earns you 2 rotations. Well that won’t work. After 10 or so .25 additions I realize you can actually feed unlimited quarters in-you don’t have to do 1 at a time. Sweet. That got me 10 minutes to sit on the sidewalk bench and pretend to be outside. Or course that might have worked better had I coordinated all the dryers with generous quarter additions. Live and learn. 

I got a little jingle in my pocket…might even leave here and find a car wash. Of yeah. Living large this Sunday. Mentioning that to man-child was almost his un-doing. Until I pointed out the wi-fi code. Hey: you take the perks you get.


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