Tables have turned

My recently awarded high school letterman seems to have forgotten that you have to be in high school to fully appreciate the glory of THE LETTER.  

Having gotten an email from his government teacher  that homeslice failed to turn in his homework today (again)….the homework which serves as the study guide for tomorrow’s MIDTERM (pause here whole my blood literally boils) I am doubting his success as an academic. At this point forget success-I am doubting his ability to be an academic. 

Which I later shared with him as I left work. Rather loudly. On my sync. Bet that was fun to watch. There’s probably some video going viral right now if me sitting in my cute little Ford screaming and ranting with no ken else in the car. Complete with finger pointing and dramatic arm sweeps. 

After said phone call it was the middle child that came Swooping in and attempted to save the day. The one person that typically feels my wrath-you’d think she would be happy to have someone else should the ire for a bit. But not my complicated girl. After the tongue lashings to end all tongue lashings ended  it was my sassy miss that made  a separate  call pleading for mercy for her brother.  It didn’t work but she tried. Props to her for that.  

The normally demon child is also the one that just grabbed his book and is quizzing him for tomorrow’s midterm.  Not that he asked for help. Not that he wanted help. Not ghat he would think of getting help. Oh no. After the dressing down he got by me and his dad you would think he would be bending over backward to show is he was focused. Nope. 

Luckily he has his sister. 

Even as I sit here I am amazed that she is not even mocking or taunting his at his obvious-his oh so obvious-complete lack of understanding of his functions of the government.  A problem since the midterm is…wait for it…in government!

Moron had the audacity to ask why I was acting a mite irritated when he missed a question. My new favorite child shook her head and tried to give him the sign language sign for SHUT UP DUDE which he, of course, didn’t seem to understand. Finally she said, “listen to me grasshopper-you don’t want to go there right now.” He went there. I met him head on. 

Next wrong question and he literally tried to blame it on the way the teacher explained in. She did her best to ward that off too but he paid her no heed. He probably regrets that about now. 

A few questions later he actually makes the excuse. “Oh I know the answer-it’s just hard to try and explain.” Yeah good luck with that excuse tomorrow genius. 

At one point she said to him. “You need to trust me on this man-and believe me I know-FROM EXPERIENCE-You don’t want to push her right now,” as he tried to whine about how hard he had been working. He didn’t get my sarcasm when I answered. She did. 

I don’t always give my girl credit; but tonight I will-she’s a very good teacher. She took high school government, her brothers sucky handwriting and attempted to make it make sense to an unmotivated-15 year old boy. I think she taught him a few things. 

One thing is for sure-He won’t forget the question with treaty in the answer since she couldn’t read his notes and tried to help him by whispering “…it’s the twat treaty…” He didn’t miss the humor in that but luckily she did. He’s also sure to remember the 18th amendment after she prompted his,”19 year old girls are HOT.”

hope its a multiple choice exam


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