Rite of passage

Today starts middle school tryouts for the girls I love most. Not all of them will make the teams they want. That’s a fact. It’s also a fact that some friendships might be tested when 1 friend makes it while another doesn’t. 

I know it’s real life. 

I know it’s something we’ve all experienced.

I know it’s a learning experience. 

I know it’s a life lesson. 

I know-I know-I know-I know. 

But now it’s my daughter. It’s my daughters friends. It’s MY FRIENDS that may have to dry tears or teach humbleness and that makes this rite of passage even harder. I don’t just worry for my girl-I worry for my GIRLS. I’ve been tapping my toes and biting my lip all day. Here is what I wish from the ones judging:

Please be fair. Please let the girls shine. Please see the heart beating wildly underneath the cute t-shirts.  Please see the potential. See the WANT in the girls at the back of the line. Please ignore that missed pop fly and watch for the girl that chases it down and never gives up-even if she makes a mistake. Please see the girls that will give you a cohesive team. See the girls with fighting spirits and contagious enthusiasm. Please. Please be mindful of the quiet ones. Make sure they get a fair chance. Watch for the ones that congratulate each other and smile the most. Look for leaders but keep in mind you need some to follow the superstars. Don’t pre-judge. 

For our girls:

Fight. Show good sportsmanship. Believe you can! Cheer one another on. Pump each other up. Be a team even as you fight for a spot on the team. Be friends first and competitors last. Give it your all and then give a little more. Be proud of the school you want to play for. Remember all you’ve been taught. Keep your eye on the ball. Be fearless. Be hopeful. Do YOU. 


just a few of my girls…n

Good luck girls. Good luck moms.  We may be 2 schools but today and tomorrow we are one village. Be Warriors. Be Titans. Be brave and be great. 


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