Making it

It’s 9:30pm.  “Wheels on the Bus” wafts from upstairs over the sniff-sniffs of a little girl who had a bad, bratty day so was sent to bed alone. She’s not sleeping. She’s waiting to be tucked in.  From outside wafts “1-2-3-4” followed by a thud and a “oh man”. That’s from my big girl. She’s decided to try out for cheerleading. Her and 99 of her fellow middle schoolers. Although I almost cried when I heard that number she assured me that it’s okay. She doesn’t want football-so the 99 is actually less. That’s her story; but I know that she is still facing double digits. Before I signed the form she swore she wouldn’t be broken hearted if she doesn’t make it. Swore. Yet her being outside at 9:30 at night after being at tryouts until almost 7 pm tell me otherwise. Damn.       Why cheerleading????? She’s already a Lady Lightning softball player. While  I am overjoyed to have a middle school softball player she’s respectfully humble and carefully excited. See, everyone  made it. Softball, it turns out, is not such a big deal at our school. Our rival school right down the road is another story . They announced their team tonight and broke some of our friends hearts. We will face other friends who didn’t have thier hearts broken in their blue and white uniforms next year.  Kinsley is sad for some friends and happy for others. She’s decided to not mention being a Lady Lighting until her sad and her happy friends have had a few days to recover. I love her for that.  CLAP.  She’s still at it. I know she needs to come in but I respect her for giving 100%. I admire her for going after something new. I like her gumption. I’ll let her practice a little longer. She’s probably not ready for another round of “you know there are lots of girls with more experience” or “promise me you won’t be broken hearted”.  GOOOOOO LIGHTNING!  She is working so hard. But it’s late and she’s still got a few big days ahead so I’d better make her rest. Not that I’ll rest until all this is over. I hope I am equiped for whatver comes next.


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