No biggie my bootie

“It’s no biggie mom,” says sassy miss about her cheerleading tryout tomorrow. Sure. No biggie. 

It’s no biggie. Sure. That’s why when I called at 7:30pm I got this….(in your mind read this as one long, run on sentence said in a single breath because that’s exactly how it was said to me.)

“Hi baby. It’s me. I had to work a bit late……”that’s as far as I got. 

“Hi mom,” that’s the last breath. “Did you remember the ribbon because you said you would make me a bow to wear tomorrow and i want you to make one for my friend for bringing me home everyday and it has to be red and gold-not plain red and that yellowish color but real shiny gold and pretty red ribbon that the judges will see and remember and I need you to help me do my shirt-Ya know cute but it can’t have my name only my number and designs and maybe bubble numbers because you do great bubble numbers and….” Gasp. 

Crap. I forgot the ribbon. I just made 13 black and white ribbons for her softball team but do I have red and gold? Of course not. 

“I’ve got to go pick up cupcakes for a party at work tomorrow….” I glance at the clock. It’s 7:46 and the only ribbon I know that’s funky is back the other way-opposite of where my cupcakes wait. Dang. Dang. Dang. 

“Oh. That’s okay. I know that’s important. It’s okay,” dejection in her voice rips my heart in two. I argue that I can get both done in time but I know I can’t. 

“Oh no!” Pure panic. “I meant to see if you could get me shorts because I only have blue and we have to wear white shirts with our number on it and blue and white is OCONEE colors not Lightning colors and I thought it might be bad to wear their colors and not ours but I guess it’s too late since you had to work late and it’s okay really it is and never mind it’s no biggie I can wear the blue ones and I don’t have to have a bow cause that’s not like mandatory or anything but the shirt is so woukd you still have time to do that or are you too tired?” 

If I wasn’t tired before I am after listening to her say all that in a single breath. There is that phrase–no biggie. Um hmmm. “I will find a way to get it all done. You asked for a bow. I’ll make a bow. And yes, I can make one for your friend. That’s a nice way to say thank you,” I have to breathe. “We will have time to make your shirt .” I don’t want to make a big deal of this because it will make it worse if it doesn’t go well. But…it obviously is a big deal and I want her to feel supported: 

“I’ll figure this out,” I gave her permission to practice instead of  vacuuming and sign off wondering how I can possibly accomplish all this. Not that it’s any big deal of course. 

In the end I got her errands done and will pick up my cupcakes first thing. She’s got shorts-RED–her school colors. She’s got her bows. We also pimped out her shirt. 43 never looked so tacky. She’s done her cheer for me 10 times. Her toes have been touched 15 times and our little abode about come tumbling down thanks to a round off. Before bed she thanked me 10 times for getting her everything she needed/wanted. She’s happy and feels supported. I’ve done my job-for tonight anyway. 

What will my job tomorrow be? Drying tears or leading a victory dance? I don’t know. It’s out of my hands. What will be-will be. Good thing it’s no biggie. 


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