“Look mom! I did my mate-up (non-speech therapist speak) myself!”

Uhhhh…no kidding. 

Too bad that wasn’t make-up…it was much more permanent than simple make-up. Also too bad she did so while in the middle of shopping at the mall of Georgia. 

So the rest of the day I trudged little-Tammy-Fay all theu the mall while her big sister tried on bathing suits for the most anticipated party of her life. Her brother shuffled along too. We all rolled out eyes each time some well meaning adult recoiled in suprise when seeing smurfette and then promptly recovering with a well intentioned lie of ‘well aren’t you pretty.’

Had this been my first child I would have pulled out the baby wipe and…wait a second…had this been my first child I wouldn’t have had a powder blue semi permanent anything in my purse. And I would have been way more attentive. With this one I willingly handed her by 44pound purse just to have a few moments of sanity to devote to my insane middle daughter in the 34 minutes it took her to pick out the perfect life jacket for the party she was going to. 

By the second child I would have left the mall. Less because of the make-up and probably more because she had pitched some major fit. 

The third…She had already pitched a fit and I kept going. The make-up…I licked my fingers to rub it off. It didn’t. I shrugged and kept moving. The other 2 standing in out wake saying,”nuh-uh…moommmmmm…we can’t walk around with her like this!!!!”

“Sure we can,” I assured them. 

“I boo-tee-ful,” declared Bozo. She reached up, grabbed my hand her hers and popped her thumb in her mouth as if to end any conversation. 

She felt beautiful and I didn’t try and tell her otherwise. Some days I would have but not on this day. Some days we all need to feel beautiful. 


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