So much of what makes my son special was captured so perfectly by a very kind swim mom.     And I love seeing photographs of him and my daughter that display-for anyone who cares to look-the eloquence and the sheer determination they have in the water.     I loved seeing how engaged and invested their […]

   State swim meet. I wasn’t in my normal mode. I made up for it by volunteering to time the prelims. It was nice to have a job to do.  I was assigned lane 2. If you read LANE 4 you know that the outside lanes are not the fastest. At state the discrepancy between lane 4 […]

Lane 4

   This is happy.  For non-swimmers I’ll explain. Lane 4 is the pinnacle. It’s the lane where the fastest swimmer swims. A perfect race will vee out like a flock of geese with lane 4 leading the way.  This is my girl stepping up to the blocks IN LANE 4. And that smile says it […]