Lane 4

This is happy. 

For non-swimmers I’ll explain. Lane 4 is the pinnacle. It’s the lane where the fastest swimmer swims. A perfect race will vee out like a flock of geese with lane 4 leading the way. 

This is my girl stepping up to the blocks IN LANE 4. And that smile says it all. 

She’s a summer swimmer-not a year rounder. As intimidating as it’s been she’s put in the work and has earned a spot on the all-star team. And tonight she’s finishing the summer swim season getting to swim out of lane 4. Friday her name will be on the back of the state team shirt. Saturday she’ll swim for a medal. Success. 

This summer she’s learned that hard work pays off. She’s had some amazing coaches who have literally coached her every step of the way. They’ve been attentive and hard and have literally whipped my girl into shape. She’s overcome nerves and outright fear. As hard as it was she has asked, and gotten, help from her brother. 

Tonight she even said to her over zealous brother,”I just got my first win in the IM. Could we just celebrate that because anything else will just feel like criticism and I don’t really want any of that tonight. Tomorrow you can tell me what I did wrong.” Pretty mature if you ask me. The conversation deteriorated rapidly so my being impressed didn’t last long. But for a moment there was mature conversation amongst my girl and boy. A moment….however brief…

Her races are hard fought. When re-telling her IM she admitted that she couldn’t feel her arms by the breast stroke. Her brother tried to tell her she’s propellong herself too far out of the water on her fly. After her mature plea to not be criticized she didn’t respond so well when he told her this, again, in the car. Her vehement denial that he was wrong lost a little ground when she admitted to praying to God that she still had arms when swimming the Breast because at that point she couldn’t be sure they were still there. Sassy pants made me laugh when she said she caught the girl in her right closing the gap in the free and said ‘uh-uh-not tonight girl-this ones mine!’ 

Tonight I heard her…she wanted…no she needed to celebrate being in lane 4. And she deserves to be proud. 


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