What I wish for you 

It’s the start of a new year and I am whirling with prayers and hopes and wishes for all this year will hold for you. 

You are nervous, each in your own way, and I am nervous, in my way, too. I want so much for you. Most importantly I want you healthy and happy and safe. 

Colton I pray that this year fosters the man I’ve already seen you be. I want you to be confident and to trust who you are. You are a sweet boy…sorry…man…with a kind and tender heart. Care more about doing what makes your proud of yourself then about what makes others like you. Surround yourself with people you trust, with people who share your beliefs and with whom you can find strength to do what’s right-all the time.  Don’t look for love too soon. It will find you. This year will test your student skills: organization, study skills, desire to learn, concentration and respecting your teachers– Rise up young man. I know you can.  You are my hero. Keep working hard both in and out of the pool. Do you. Be you. It’s better to be authentic than to be popular. Don’t compare yourself to anyone. Be someone you can be proud of everytime you look in the mirror-not because of who you are dating or what place you can in during the last race but because of who you are. 

Kinsley-I pray you keep growing as beautiful on the inside as you’ve become in the outside. Be kind first and be right last. Keep protecting the underdog. I love that you’ve found so many pockets of friends. I am proud of your strength, your courage and your sense of right. Concentrate on being the nicest most authentic girl you can be and don’t worry with the frivolous label of popular. Smart is beautiful and kind is pretty. Push yourself but take time to be proud of yourself too. Keep learning. Keep being curious. Keep asking why and why not but mind your tone when you do so. Remember you are looked up too and do your best to be someone worth being looked up too. 

Sadie my bug, I pray this year opens any doors for you. So many heartbreaking changes in such a short life. I’ve seen a bravery in you that gives me hope. I know your tender soul is scared and worried but I know there is a fighter in there as well. I hope you have lots of belly laughs that fill the room with joy. I can’t wait to watch you read on your own and to watch your little face beam with pride when you “dude it yourself”. I want this year to make your world bigger and broader and to expose more possibilities then you’ve ever dreamt of. 

I am your biggest fan. Your loudest cheerleader. You will always be safe with me. I’ll protect you and fight for you with all that I have. I’ll also nag and push and prod you until I see you at your best. To your chagrin I’ll make everything a life lesson. I’ll lecture and yell and I’ll display my displeasure. I’ll also hug and cheer and make as many moments special as I possibly can. I’ll love you loudly each and every day. 




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