simple start

A story is written a word at a time. To change my story I have to change a word- a sentence at a time-not a chapter at a time.

I did that tonight. 

I have always wanted to be involved but I’ve always been too intimidated to be a “joiner”. Instead I do my little team treats and small team task here and there. I watch the IT moms in all the committes and think that I’d like to be a part of something but in the end I just stay to the side-in the shadows where I am most comfortable. 

This weekend I was asked to be co-rep to the athletic group that funds my sons high school swim team. I suprised myself by saying, simply, “yes. I’d be proud to.” I didn’t stammer and give 10 reasons why I was the wrong choice. I didn’t hem and haw and make excuses why I couldn’t. I didn’t hesitate. I want to be a bigger part of something I love and I LOVE being a swim mom so I said, “yes.”

Tonight I want to the first meeting. I wasn’t  totally freaked by being in the room with all the “cool” people. I was calm and did my best to act like I belonged there.  Yes, I sat in the back. Yes, I sat alone until my co-rep arrived but I wasn’t miserable and isolated. I even busted all out of my comfort zone and introduced myself to 3 people. To most that sounds absorb. To those that know me. Really know me you’ll understand that was a Stretch for me. I accomplished 2 goals tonight. I participated and I allowed myself to not second guess why I was there. 

So, tonight I wrote a small sentence of my new story…I joined something. It’s a small, simple sentence. But in the end all great stories start that way-don’t they?

As team rep I have to raise funds to keep our swimmers in the water. Again-totally out of my wheelhouse but…

Anyone want to buy a $100 raffle ticket for a chance to win $10,000???? Where else are you going to have a 1 in 400 chance at that kind of money?????


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