How my story starts 

It was a weekend of brand new adventures and old traditions. And I loved both. 

I promised myself a changed story this year. To change my story I was going to have to reach out and grab life with both hands. No more waiting for life to come to me. On my list: zip lining. I wanted an actual adventure to match my adventurous attitude. My generous parents didn’t know I had this desire when they offered to treat me and my bigs to a zip line trip. 


adding a little zip to my story

I loved being high above the trees racing down a cable at 40 miles per hour. Loved. Loved-loved-loved. It was exhilarating. It was terrifying too but knowing I’d done something I was slightly afraid of just made the literal ride all the more exciting. I loved having the experience with my  bigs and my niece and nephew. Even my sister got in on the fun. 

The first day we tried Mother Nature had other plans. Lightning grounded us. Turned out to be the best thing that could have happened. We took advantage of the delay and meandered over to the apple orchard where we’ve picked apples for years. We didn’t have time to pick—not officially. The kids paid the lady a $1 and took off into the orchard where just years ago they had toddled into. My heart was happy. Apple picking is at the heart of many a happy memory for me.  

apples of my eye

Sunday morning we took our coffee and sat outside in the crisp autumn like air. As we sat and rocked I realized this moment was reminiscent of a memory I love: coffee with my grandpa. Sunday I was lucky enough to sit on a porch with my dad and watch my son and daughter have coffee with their grandpa. The day before we’d shared a new memory and on this glorious morning they were experiencing an old memory of mine. I liked that they got to see me adventurous while experiencing something so dear to who I am at my core. Of course the coffee didn’t last long because as soon as we were all up-my sweet dad hustled in to make us homemade waffles!


coffee with grandpa

Even the drive to our zip line excursion was a delight. The boys drive my grandmothers old car. We were behind and laughed the whole way there because from our vantage point it looked like 3 little old ladies out for a Sunday drive versus 3 robust gentlemen. 


a sunday drive


little old ladies they aren’t

The most phenomenal tube ride ever followed by grilled hamburgers and hot French fries rounded out a perfectly perfect day. Sunday I was reminded of how incredible it is to have supportive family. My Titan will be in the pool again thanks to the generosity of people I love. I was also lucky enough to sit and talk with a true BA who is fighting the fight of her life with a smile, grace and looking more beautiful then anyone has a right. 

So though I am changing my story I am only able to do so because that start of my story has such great characters. I am who I am because is the people I spent the weekend with. 


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