Hell hath no fury…

“Maaahhhhmmmmooommmm…..” the extra syllable in any word does not bode well. It’s 10:40 at night. The door to my bedroom swings open and my daughter stands there in full-bloom-pre-teen-tizzy mode. “Someone took my cleat.”
I am tired. I am cranky. After a long, frustrating day at work I scurried to pick up the daycare baby only to discover she’d been on purple at school (NOT a good thing), drove across county to grab Drama-Diva from softball, screeched to a semi-stop in front of my house to allow the boy to jump in and hustled back to the schools. I sent the trio to the elementary school for family fun night while I hit the middle school for a Titan Tide planning meeting. At 8:15pm we all finally arrived home. At 8:30 I had very clear instructed the Hi-Maintenance child to pack all of her softball gear for the big game tomorrow. Very clearly.
“No one took your cleat. You can’t find your cleat. Funny…didn’t I tell you to pack all of your softball equipment 2 hours ago?”
“Nooo—ahhhh. You told me to get all my softball stuff togeth-ahhhhhh and I did….”
“Obviously you didn’t if you only have one cleat,” I pointed out. Then I got angry. “We are not playing this game of semantics. I told you to PACK your softball stuff. And if you had you would know that you were missing a cleat and we could have looked for it then. At 8:30.”  
“I did-ah….” Hair flip “…have everything togeth-ahhhh.”  
“No you didn’t or you wouldn’t be standing in my room at 10:45 at night missing a cleat!”
It digresses from there. Rapidly. And loudly. And dramatically.  
In the end I take her phone.  
At 5am her alarm goes off. I turn it off. At 5:05 another alarm goes off. I turn it off. At 5:10 another alarm goes off. I look for the power button on her phone. It’s broken. So I turn off the alarm. At 5:15 another alarm. At 5:20 there is yet another alarm….you are getting the picture.  
At 6:15 my alarm goes off. I mistakenly think it’s hers and guess what….I turn if off.
At 7:11am I wake up—bolt upright and realize we are late. Seriously late. While screaming, “GET UP! MOM SLEPT LATE!” I text work that I am running behind. With that done I drop the phone and jog upstairs where it’s pitch black. “C’mon guys. I overslept. We gotta get up and hustle,” I trip over the dog and over the mounds of clothes thrown across the room—probably from the cleat search and head into the closet to get baby girls clothes. “Sorry bug but I think you are going to miss the football players.” I say off handedly.
The joys of our little community are that the varsity football players act as car rider door openers for the elementary students during home football games. My kindergarten girl has been infatuated since a TITAN in his football jersey opened her door and gave her a high five. It’s all she’s talked about. We had 2 bye weeks and an away game so she hasn’t been able to see them again. I felt bad that due to my oversleeping she would miss them again.  
I come out of the closet and she’s sitting up in the bed, her short hair tossled all around her round little face. “Pweese mama,” she lisps thanks to the 2 missing front teeth “I do’nn wanna miss them. Pweese.” Oh lord those big brown eyes are literally begging me.  
“You have to get dressed by yourself…shoes too…”she nods earnestly. I can’t tell her no. “We have to be out of this house in 10 minutes. Literally. In the car in 10 minutes,” I warn. She nods.  
9 minutes later she’s standing in my bathroom dressed in her titan shirt, leggings and her funky half boots with the biggest grin on her face. She’s not a morning child so the grin is a miracle. So is the fact that she’s dressed and downstairs.
“Have a good day mom,” boy child calls out as he bolts out the door. He’s going to make it! The bus comes at 7:30 and its 7:29. Hallelujah.
“We are out of here in 1 minute!” I holler to princess-pre-teen. “If you are riding with us you have to be down here!”
Somehow the starts aligned and angels sang and the odds were in our favor. At 7:31 we were all in the car. They were hungry but dressed.  
At 7:40 we inched our way up the car rider line only to discover it is another away game and the football players WEREN’T opening car doors today.
There is no wrath like the wrath of 2 non-breakfast-eating-girls who got ready in 15 minutes only to discover they are NOT greeted by varsity football players. Trust me on this.



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