A fella and his girl

I am not going to dwell on the fact that I missed Sadie’s Christmas party…again. Well-I might not dwell but I am sure to obsess–but I won’t dwell. 

Instead I am going to focus on the fact that, though I didn’t get to go, my little one was sure to have a memory from today long after she forgets that her mommy wasn’t there. I wasn’t there but she got a surprise when her bubba showed up as her date for lunch. My big fella made up for me by surprising my little one at school and eating lunch with her. 

He said she spotted him and shouted “My BUBBA!” And poked her ‘little round face’ up from the back of the line. He said she saw him and ran from the back of the lone up to hug  him. 

Instead of sitting at the parent lunch round table she paraded him right go her regular table. There he sat-slap-dab in the middle of her gaggle of 5 year old friends. I wish I could have seen her holding court with her biggest hero as her prize. 

He describe it all while Shaking his head,”mom those kids are crazy!!” For him to call them crazy told me a lot about the state of the lunch. He said all of them, at one point or another, shouted “and I mean shouted,” out questions about him to Sadie. I laughed aloud as he mimicked the little guy at the head of the table who clapped and talked and clapped and talked the entire lunch. He’d clap and sway and ask my man a question and then lose interest and clap and and move on to another topic. 

Next he described the little girl who talked to him the entire lunch mom with a milk mustache. “She didn’t even notice Mom! She talked and talked and talked and talked…with crazy eyes…the whole time.” I’ve never heard a kindergartner described as a crack ‘ho but seemed fitting as he described her sliding in and out of his seat and laughing like a hyena the whole time. He had me in stitches as he described the kids. 

I left work tonight feeling like a major failure as a mom. I’d missed another Christmas party. I’d missed the chance to escort my son to his swim camp-his Christmas present. I’d made them think they weren’t my highest priority-or so I thought. 

It might not have been my finest day as a mom BUT I didn’t fail. No way could I count myself as a failure when I my teen son, because of his good grades, got to leave school early and took the opportunity to go and have lunch with his baby sister. 

This is the same fella who runs downstairs every morning to find his ‘girl’. He either sits and eats breakfast with her, makes her laugh or snuggles for 5 more minutes…all depending on her mood. “Tuddle to my bact,” she demanded this morning. And of course he did. 

This day didn’t go as planned. At all. Quite the contrary-nothing went as planned today but it wasn’t the lost day I thought.  In the moments I lost my little ones found moments they will remember.  I did too. My babies rally. They rise to the occasion when I can’t-each in their own thoughtful way. I might have stumbled today but I don’t fail…not when I get pictures of my fella holding his ‘girl’ when I wasn’t able to. 


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