Snow Hours

“Everyday should be a snow day!” Proclaimed my fella. His bare feet danced a happy jig on the cold tile floor. Hair askew and stuck up in 20 different directions he wore his ninja turtle pj pants, his ever present NOHS Titan Tide t-shirt and a heart happy grin. My heart ba-bumped. He shimmied a […]

Wee hour ramble 

2:20 am and, like clockwork, BAM! I am awake. Echoes of worries,  of to-do items, things needing attention, unresolved stressors and of events to come finally get so loud that sleep because impossible and I am jerked wide awake already in full worry mode without even the buffer of a almost asleep but sort of […]

A word

I didn’t make resolutions this year…hardly needed one more failure on my list and resolutions, typically, don’t last long for me. My guilt about not keeping resolutions last much longer then the actual resolve. This year I accepted that.  But it is a new year. A fresh start. An automatic time to think “out with […]