A word

I didn’t make resolutions this year…hardly needed one more failure on my list and resolutions, typically, don’t last long for me. My guilt about not keeping resolutions last much longer then the actual resolve. This year I accepted that. 

But it is a new year. A fresh start. An automatic time to think “out with the old and in with the new” be it habits, vices, dreams or what nots. I caved to that instinct to flip the page of 2015 and eye 2016 with fresh and-admittedly-hopeful eyes. 

And a word. No long or detailed resolutions. No false pretenses to hit the gym or quit eating bread (God forbid). I didn’t swear to myself to take up knitting or to learn a new language-heck I’ve barely got this one under control. I didn’t do any of that. I allowed myself a word. Brave. 

This year I will do something brave. I don’t know what that means yet…I am going to let the year play out and see where it leads me. Take a trip? Write a story? Enter a contest? Run a race? Flirt? Go out on a date? Take a chance? Who knows. 

I am going to be brave. About what? Who knows??? I don’t but I have no doubt that at some point this year something will happen where I need to stand tall and stout and brave. 

I will teach brave. I will talk to my girls and my fella about being brave. Bravely making their own choices. Bravely being themselves. Bravely forging their own way. I’ll lead by example. 

There are a thousand ways to be brave. Big ways and small ways. Visible ways and ways that no one will ever see. Sometimes you make a conscious decision to be brave and sometimes you are brave because it’s the only option left to you.  There are times, I think, when you don’t even know you are being brave until you are on the other side of what caused you to be brave in the first place. 

Maybe I’ll hit a gym…at this size and physical situation it will require a large amount is bravado to make that happen. But maybe I will. 

Maybe I’ll do something to promote my writing. I can’t even fathom eat that will be. But maybe I will. 

White water rafting? Maybe. Hiking 6 miles for a girls weekend? I might. Sky diving? I wouldn’t say no. 

Not making resolutions is my way of being gentle with myself. I am doing all I can to be all I can to as many areas is my life as I can. Not a lot is leftover energy for dieting or exercising or housecleaning or major organization. And that’s okay. But I do want some different things out if 2016 and to get anything new I do have to do somethings differently. I acknowledge that. 

Happy 2016. The year of me being brave. 


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