A-B-C’s from this week

Seems as if it is my week(s) for having my B$&@& switch flipped. 

Here are a few takeaways from a very frustrating month. 

A) rude is rude. If you choose to be rude don’t disguise it as “direct”. Direct is plain speaking. Rude is adding snark. Direct can earn you respect. Rude will not. 

B) they don’t give tiaras out to big girls 

C) put your money where your mouth is

D) those “little people”…might want to pay a little more attention to them

E) be present 

F) honey catches more flies then vinegar

G) dogs don’t quack and expecting them to do so is a waste of time and energy

H) when someone shows you who they are-believe them

I) don’t go to wal-mart

J) pretty is as pretty does-the rest is window dressing

K) Cinderella got the prince-she had to clean a few fireplaces first but in the end…..

L) if you can’t walk to walk be cautious about talking the talk 

M) we all have choices

N) lead by example 

O) lead by example–especially if you are expecting people to follow

P) if you want to be understood make sure you are speaking the language of the people you want to hear you 

Q) don’t expect fair but do what’s right anyway

R) if there is an I in team it’s misspelled

S) authentic doesn’t make you popular to anyone but yourself

T) quit waiting 

U) a good friend always knows what to say even if you don’t always want to hear it

V) “me think he doth protest too much” as old Willy Shakes said holds true today

W) attention worth getting is earned…attention you don’t earn isn’t with as much

X) don’t judge a book by its cover

Y) sometimes the sparkly things aren’t the most valuable

Z) it’s not you…its me is crap. Sometimes it is them. 


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