My son worked all high school swim season to break a minute in the 100 back. He started the season at 1:03:00. He ended at 1:01:00. Not enough. State cut for that back was 1:00:00. 

High school Swim season without an individual cut for my fella. He made the state team in 2 relay teams but the individual cut alluded him.

But he kept working. He kept training. He started training for next year AT THE LAST MEET. 

Today, a month later, we are at the Northeast Divisionsal meet with the year round swim team. He swims in the 15-18 bracket. The size difference between my fella and these older-year round swimmers is vast. We came with little expectations. He came to be part of his SHOC team and I came to support him. 

This competition is fierce. So is my fella. Saturday I sat in the bleachers and thought now we do this because he loves it and that is enough. He swam proud, he swam his races strong. There were no finals and we were both okay. 

Sunday we are back for 2 races. 100 back was first. He was in the 3rd heat. 


He got out of that pool smiling. I watched him hug an assistant coach. I wanted him track down his head coach and chest bump him. My friend fist bumped and congratulated me. It was a nice moment. 

To my surprise an even nicer moment happened a few minutes later. I was watching the pool when I felt something drip on me. I turned and there stood my boy. Soaking wet and panting. He wrapped his trembling arms around me and hugged me tight. And he didn’t let go. He kept hugging me. And kept hugging me. In front of other parents he hugged me with all his might. And when he finally let go he hugged his bff’s mom. 

59:86 didn’t qualify him for finals but that’s okay. He met his goal. He learned that hard work pays. That’s all I want for him-to be proud of himself because I am proud of him every day. Today he’s proud and he shared the moment with me. 

Today we are both victorious! 


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