Roots and Wings

I’ve got roots and I’ve got wings

The lyric blared from my radio this morning as I left my parents’ home in the dark-foggy morn. The chorus struck me a chord with me (pun intended) and I had literally been thinking about my roots and literal wings when the song came on.
My daughter’s and niece were given an incredible chance for an adventure yesterday. My parent’s friend is a pilot who owns a small plane. He offered to fly my parents down to their port for an upcoming cruise he is entertaining on. My mother is a little scared of flying and is a notorious heavy packer so she wanted to be sure of the room available to them if they flew. He offered to show her the plane and take her up. My girls are staying with my parents this spring break week so he generously offered to take them all up.

At the last minute, unbeknownst of the plan, I  decided to sneak up out of work a little early to see my girls. It wasn’t the spring break I was hoping to give them-i had wanted to spend more time with them but work called so a few hours was all I could do. But a few hours of mom time while hanging with the grandparents was a pretty cool deal. They’d already spent the day in Helen at a beer garden listening to the very man who was going to be pioltong sing. Now this. My big girl was super excited and told me of the plan. Seeing a 13 year old excited about anything is a treat in itself. My nervous, timid 6 year old was exited too.
I rode with them to the air strip fully intending to watch.
But  that’s not what happened.  Without hesitation my dad gave up his seat so I could have the adventure. He wouldn’t hear otherwise. Wouldn’t argue. Wouldn’t be swayed. He just matter of factly told me I was going and that was that.  He loves to fly. Loves planes. Loves his granddaughters. I couldn’t imagine him missing a chance to combine all that he loved. But he did. For me. I was thinking about how my parents are still giving up things for me when the song came on. It made me think of my dad waving from the tarmac while my girls and took to the skies. My roots allowed me to have wings to fly high above north Georgia with my girls on an incredible adventure.
I spent the night at my parent’s house last night and planned to drive in to commute in from work. My dad got up earlier than he had to in order to be sure I was up. He made coffee and even had a to-go cup waiting on me when I got upstairs. My little one had a fever all night as we snuggled in bed. He assured me he and my mom would take good care of her and even offered to keep my rambunctious dog so I didn’t have to take her home before backtracking to work. Roots. As the song played I was thinking how lucky I was to have parent’s still taking care of me and my babies. As a single mom the panic of a sick child colliding with a large work project is terrifying. Instead of worrying about being in 2 places at once I was able to leave her in good, caring hands and go and do what I had to do. My roots allowed me to have the wings to work.

I’ve got roots and I’ve got wings

I’d never heard this song before but it was so perfect. It made me think: I’ve got wings because I have roots. My roots have allowed me to have wings. I wanted to go to Europe so as a teen my parents told me that they would match what I saved. I earned my way. And that lesson has stayed with me. Those roots have served me well. They serve my little ones well.

I grew up having cousins as best friends. My son and daughters get to do the same. Roots.
We’ve never been wealthy but my parents made sure I went to college and I graduated without ever having to pay back a student loan. It wasn’t always easy on either of us but we made it happen. My roots made sure I had an education to do what I wanted to do in this life.
My dad wanted a boy. But both his boys were girls. He didn’t have a football hero or a trophy hunter. But he never missed a play or a performance. My mom sewed costumes and organized pageants. My dad built sets and hauled equipment. They were the roots that allowed me to soar on stage and anywhere else I wanted.

I have roots and I have wings.

I had aunts and uncles who watched over me or spoiled me. They were and continue to be roots that let me fly by loving me. My parents have incredible friends who treat me and mine like family. Roots. Tonight I had dinner with friends that love me for who and what I am. They love me and their friendship has kept me rooted when life has done its best to sling me astray. And I have a quiet faith that I am learning to find roots in.

I have roots so I have wings.


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