We can make that

Like my mama used to say that me…”We can make that.”

1/2 Out of necessity and 1/2 out of a desire to make my big girl happy this weekend was about a project.  I set about giving my girl a dressing/make-up area. The hours in the bathroom in the morning were causing some dissension in the ranks as the big boy and big girl both need to get ready at the same time-in the same space.  Poor fella was starting to eye that trees as a possible solution in the mornings as she occupied the upstairs bathroom and I occupied mine downstairs. He had 5 minutes tips each morning of actual bathroom time.

Boy child got to go to the beach for spring break. Girl child got her own teen area. It became a famili affair. My mom gave her a desk that was in my room when I finally got my own room at 16. The girl and I—-without fighting –miracle of miracles—dabbed some paint and hot glued some flowers and viola-it’s perfect. Small enough to fit into the nook and special because he grandmother gave it to her.

Next came the decorating. The now teen girl is itching to re-do her room with a a beach theme. She’s got a looooonnngggg way to go before I commit to that. Shes a bit of a slob and I refuse to redo a space she can’t take care of. But I digress. I did conced to letting her decorate her new little area to her hearts content. That included shells and a beach blue and peach that’s she color of sunset.
First thing she falls in love with-a $70 sea shell wreath. Uh no. Even at 1/2 off I couldn’t justify it. I found myself saying, “we can make that,” just like my mom used to say to me. $13 and a mountain of hot glue later she had a wreath. A wreath I am happy to say she is thrilled with.
She fell in line with a picture that read HELLO SWEET BEAUTFIL GIRL. It was especially meaningful to her because that’s what her grandfather says to her everytime he sees her. She also wanted a gold foiled lip picture. I loved how excited she was for this project. I don’t always make her happy…this seemed like a good chance.
The lips I bought. No way was I even attempting that! I have my limits. So we compromised. The lips we got. The painting..yep…I told her “we can make that”. $13 later she gets to eake up with a sweet affirmation that makes her think of her daddy bob and reminds her she is loved.
Full length mirror-check. Hot glue and some cheap silk flowers it’s re-created into less of an eye sore. No more standing in the counter to see how cute the bottom half of her outfit is. Now she can see the whole thing and I don’t have footprints on the counter. Win-win.
A little paint and her baby sisters markered s’s that were all over the  white bookshelf disappeared-luckily. I like my baby girl and I wasn’t so sure she would be around long after her older sister spied the pre-school handiwork all over everything.


a space of her own

My girl now has a little space to proudly call her own. She is happy with her space and for once, is happy with me. She’s proud of the space and is even a little proud of me for delivering in my promises is we can make that. I like making my girl proud. I like knowing that one day she will say to her girl what my mama said to me: we can make that! 


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