Working man

“I don’t see him…I don’t see him!” Baby girl jumps up and down trying to see over the counter to spy her big brother. 

“He works in the back. We can’t see him,” answered her big sis. But she too was craning her neck to spy a familiar face. I noticed she had her phone primed and ready to take a picture. 

“May I serve you?” Asked the counter help. 

“We looking for my brother,” normally shy baby girl said. 

I gave his name and to my horror he turns to go back toward the kitchen. “No! No! No!” I tried to say,”he’s working…we don’t want to bother him…”

“He’s on breading tonight. You can’t see him from there. COLTON,” he yells. 

I was mortified and knew my fella would be too. It was his 4th shift. Hardly had broken in his lovely black crew shoes and here I was visiting. 

Sure enough Colton stops out from the back. He’s in his black cap, black collared shirt, black slacks and about 2 inches of flour over every inch of his shirt. The look in his face was priceless. Or not. He looked, as predicted, mortified. “Mom,” he sort of said. 

“Hey bubba,” said his favorite young person. He spoke to her. 

“He’s doing really great,” said the man at the register. I glanced at his name tag and said,”oh, you are Luke. So nice to meet you! Colton’s said some really nice things about you,” the man laughed. “Did he tell you I had him circulating air in the freezer last night?” He was chuckling. 

I answered, “he mentioned being hazed.” 

“He was a good sport about it,” he assured me. “He’s a hard worker.” 

“That’s nice to hear. Now go back to work,” he gives he his 1/2 grin reserved only for me and turns to go back to the kitchen. Before I could stop myself I did a total mom thing and yelled,”be sure to wash your hands!” This time the groan and “mooooommmmmm” were audible (and justified).  

I pointed out my dinner and we ate. When it was time to leave baby girl was sad,”I don’t want to leave my Colton Henry here.” We explained work to her again. She didn’t understand-again. She slipped her hand in mine and sighed. “Mama-didn’t my bubba look so handsome!” My heart went ba-da at the adoration my girl had for her big brother. I gave her little hand a squeeze and assured her that he was. 



2 thoughts on “Working man

  1. Libby, my son’s first summer job was at Chic-Fil-a in the kitchen breading and frying chicken. He would come home covered in breading from head to toe, so this post brought back a flood of memories. It was his first and last job in fast food!

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