I am back on the weight loss journey. After being super proud of myself for dropping 30 pounds a year ago I am now looking to take off those same 30 and the friends they brought with them. 

Here is a befor picture–and yes I pointed the rum sample I partook. 

Weight watchers to the rescue. I do love this program. I eat what I want. With a little planning I eat 4 times more than I did NOT dieting. 

I’ve had miniscule success. A pound here and a pound there. You know what I have discovered? I am not eating enough. Here I am struggling for success and my issue is that I am not eating enough. How bizarre is that????

Today my day ended at 7:30pm. I had 20 points left. Do you know what you can eat for 20 points??? Practically anything. The only problem is that I stocked my fridge with WW friendly food so gathering 20 points is downright difficult. For the past few weeks I’ve downed massive amounts of trader joes cookie butter to satisfy my points requirements. Hence the pound here and pound there. Guess even though I can have it it’s probably not the best use of my points. It’s darn good though. 

So tonight I had my favorite-pasta. Guilt free because I had the points to spare. I’ve never been on a diet where I feel guilty because I didn’t eat enough. 
The other real benefit to this program is the amazing support. I’ve got a weight watchers tribe that offer solutions, suggestions, ideas and encouragement at every turn. They celebrate success and rally around you when the scale doesn’t go your way. It’s a tribe made up of some of my favorite people and some new people that I am loving getting to know. They alone make even an ounce lost seem victorious. I don’t meet people easily. I don’t allow myself to be embraced often. WW has offered me structure to meet and be embraced and I am so appreciative of that. 

While I am looking forward to getting back to my “fighting weight” I am also finding myself not hating the journey. I am eating  healthier which means my little ones are too. I am making good friends. I am supporting others and allowing them to support me. Part of the program is to learn to have a well rounded life: activities, fufilment and food. I like that. 

The assignment at this weeks meeting was to create a summer bucket list. I haven’t made mine yet…I am waiting on all my little ones to reassemble at home so we can create a family list. I want my journey to include them. I want us, as a family, to re-connect with the joys of summer. Picnics and adventures and long walks. Some of the items I anticipate having on our list are so easy yet will make such a difference to how we remember the summer of 2016. Maybe we will have some bigger items too. It will be fun to plan and see what we come up with. And it’s all because I want to lose weight. 

I am embarrassed that I let myself get back here to the before picture but I am proud that I am not letting it define me. Being in a program makes me feel back in control. That’s the worst part of being overweight again-feeling like I lost control. And anyone who knows me knows control-real or perceived-is important to me. Even if it’s slow go I am doing something. 

I am going to get back to this. I am. And I am going to do it making great friends and building a support system along the way. I am going to learn to find fufilment in more than food. Every journey starts with a single step. 


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