It ain’t much but it’s what I’ve got

Worked 12 hours today. 

I didn’t get to actually go to lunch but I had friends stop by to ask me to lunch. I’ll count that as a win. It felt like a win. 

Despite being tired I came home and changed my sheets. Good thing too since man child just admitted he let baby girl eat pizza lunchables in my bed. What is this fascination with my room????  Big girl lounges in there reading all day. I have suspicions that she’s demanding peeled grapes as she’s quite the diva these days. This is the same child who may or may not shower in a week(s). The dog seems to think my bed is one big doggie bed. I woke up this morning looking like a saskatuwan with all the dog hair attached to me. Baby girl considers my bed her own training trampoline and is practicing with enough vigor to lead me to believe she is preparing for the 2020 olympics. My mattress will never be the same. Tonight I officially declared my room off limits (again). 

Back to what I did right…(cause the fact that my son let my daughter eat in my bed doesn’t speak well of what I am doing well). Despite a long day I didn’t come home and hit the chair. I wanted to but I didn’t.  I actually cooked  the expensive low fat, 2 WW point ground beef. Ate raw carrots while I channeled my inner Julia Child  instead of snacking on the remains of the zombie donuts left over from the food-venture I had with 2 of my 3 yesterday. Roasted my cauliflower before it went bad. I even made my lunch and a healthy snack for tomorrow. Drank a huge glass of water. 

See,  I knew I needed to write tonight but I also knew I was apt to write about all I am not doing right so I decided to put down, to remind myself, intentionally-of all I am doing right. Or at least as right as I can do.  My dinner had color, vegetables AND comfort food and didn’t touch my bonus points–or wine. 

My weight watchers plan isn’t working. I am at the same weight, the same measurements and the same size. I am still frantically searching for the holey-elastic missing-granny-panties-cause-they-fit every morning. I dress by what fits versus any sense of fashion. And I am practically a fire hazard on days I wear skirts with all the friction happening when I walk but I am still at it. At least I haven’t gained weight. Hey-this glass 1/2 full thing isn’t natural to me. That’s the best I got.

My stress level has zoomed out of the atmosphere…again…but in this whole optimistic approach…at least I haven’t cried this week. In public. I’ve stayed the course and keep adding to the to-do list. I am still proud of some of the things I am getting done. I work with amazing people that stand toe to toe with me and let me think we instead of me. Loads are lighter when the are shared. 


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