Happy in happy birthday

So happy on this day. I was spoiled and pampered. Most of all I was loved. Sweet cards, morning serenades, Facebook well wishes…the day just keep giving and giving. 

I have a tribe of people who know…and love me. Knowing that made me smile all day. Each and every person gave me something so special and touching–it was the thoughts behind the gifts that meant so much. 

I received things to create, tools to help me be a love out loud mom, something to sip out of, a humorous cup to keep me smiling and a jar to put all my wishes in. I have a pretty blouse and a bracelet to match my treat to myself from my trip. My fella used his hard earned money to buy me a present. My sweet girl used her sweet words to start my day off right.  I was thought of and heard. 

I am loved. 

For stressful times I have relief. I also have a reminder in my desk to be still and know. With that was the sweetest, kindest most thoughtful notes I’ve ever gotten. The words touched my heart and soothed my soul. 

I sometimes forget to be happy. I am not proud of that. 

I never forget that I am blessed with people in my life who keep me up, keep me strong and make me happy. For them I will try to be better at remembering to be happy. 

So much happy in this happy birthday. 


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