This face. This smile. 

This is the face of a girl who just got a homerun. This is the face of a girl who has been frustrated and overlooked and dismissed. This is the happy face of a girl who never quit. A girl that never quit stepping up to the plate. This girl is a fighter. She’s struck out time and time again. But she never quit. She’s over thought and psyched herself out. She’s cried in the safety of the car. I’ve cried with her. But she takes the field with a spunk and a smile and keeps playing. 

And tonight it paid off. 

After her homerun the bats got hot and her little team won 12-3. Last year they won a single game. They beat themselves game after game after game. They were beaten by misguided parents who interfered and ruined the moral. But she went out for the team again. She decided she would be a leader in the outfield this year. She  never thought she would lead the offense. But tonight she did. 

Tonight with one of her favorite teachers watching the rounded first. Tonight with a boy that she thinks is cute she rounded second. Tonight with her grandparents cheering she rounded third. Tonight…with me in the stands where I belong she came home. Tonight after the game she smiled and smiled and smiled. 

Her grandpa told her to guard her wheelhouse and she did just that. She playfully told him her homerun was all die to him. 

We all won tonight. I was there after missing her first and only at bat earlier in the week. Her biggest fans-her grandparents-were there to see her victory. Her team won. But more importantly…the major important of all…my girl won. She didn’t quit. She kept trying. She overcame odds and failures but she never stopped trying…and she won. 

I don’t know if we will win another game. I don’t know if she will get another hit. I don’t care. Tonight she was victorious. Tonight she was hero. Tonight her spunk and determination paid off. Tonight she was a winner. 

That smile. That face. That spirit!!!!


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