Quit while I am behind

If things went as in real life as they did in my mind….they rarely do. One day I am going to learn to quit while I am behind. 

Tailgating at the Titan twilight for the swim team. In my mind it was a great idea. Team bonding. Fun. Solidifying the Titan Tide as a cool team to be part of. In reality it was a bust. 

Armed with posters and photo props I had this image of teens playing corn hole, posing in funny hats with playful signs, lounging on the 12 foot swan and having a general great time. 


My daughter and I had to work for 20 minutes to get the instant camera to work. 3 you tube videos later I decide to re-insert the batteries one last time and was rewarded with a red light. Whew. 

That was the last “win” of the afternoon. 

We were 30 minutes late because the damn swan wouldn’t blow up. $2 and 45 minutes later and we had it blown up enough to make it work. Problem #1 a 6 foot swan doesn’t fit into the cab of a truck. #2 a teenage girl gets very embarrassed and crabby when trying to stuff a 6 foot swan into the can of a truck. #3 I don’t know how to bungee a 6 foot swan into the bed of a pick up truck. Looking like the Clampets we did the best we could. 

In the middle of drizzling rain, high humidity and gray clouds we sped toward the race. My little one waited to run in the little Titan race. The mom I had asked to take pictures was there. The other organizer was there to. I wasn’t. 

I attempted to park 3 times before I gave up and parked illegally. Turns out bungee-Ing a 6 foot swan isn’t the only thing I can’t do in a truck. I unloaded everything and promptly dropped my posters in a puddle. About the same time I realized I forgot the big cooler for the case of waters places precariously on top of the wagon. 

I hauled my damp posters and photo props, tent and 380 pieces of gum to the field.

The dads put up our tent. I hung the posters claiming our Titan Tide tailgate area. They promptly curled inward and were unreadable. 

It was too wet for my water backdrop. Too wet for cornhole. My little one chickened out and didn’t run the little Titan race. My big girl didn’t help with my little introvert like I’d hoped. My swimmer was called in to work so he wasn’t there. So much for my little family supporting the event. 

No swimmers came to hang out. My teen daughters friend who was running in my swimmers place fell at the start and couldn’t run. Luckily they stuck it out and walked it out. 

Weeeeeee…..so much for fun. 

I grabbed some little Titans and took some pictures. They didn’t seem as excited as I was about the idea. The gum on the other hand they were very interested in. At least something worked. 

Don’t see a lot of pictures from this disaster making the end of the year slideshow. 

The photo booth idea was a bust. We used 5 of the instant roles of film. 2 of those were of my and mine and didn’t turn out. 


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