Being brave 

I love this for so many reasons-including the sweet card that came with it. 

Be brave. 

I got this the afternoon from a friend who is working on her masters. That’s brave. 

Tonight I tried to console my daughter who got her first ever c. It’s a 9th grade science class in 8th grade. She’s destroyed. But…she cried, cuddled with the dog and before the tears had dried had rallied, come up with a plan and boogied upstairs to study. The material is hard. She’s always had things come easy to her. This is a new chapter. A new obstacle. She hit a bump in the road which threatens the straight A trek she’s had her entire life. The c didn’t defeat her. That’s brave. 

My littlest one went to after school in a big yellow bus. A place she’s never been. A place that’s not as structured or familiar as she needs. But she did it. Tuesday afternoon she beamed,”I didn’t know anybody mama but I said what’s your name to someone and they played with me.” She’s an introvert. She’s terrified of change. She’s struggling at school. But on Tuesday she was brave. 

Being brave is having an orange day (bad choices) but waking up and saying “today I am going to have a blue day”.

Being brave is telling a 13 year old boy he can like you as long as he understands what kind of girl you are…and what kind of girl you aren’t. 

Being brave is writing despite being a bad speller and horrible at grammar but hitting post anyway.

Having faith is brave. Believing, even when things are falling apart all around you, that there is a plan and that you will be okay. 

Striking out but then stepping back up to the plate and getting a hit. 

Giving 100% in a race you know you won’t win. 

Sometimes even getting out of bed and going someplace you don’t want to be is an act of bravery. 

A step parent loving a child that is not theirs. 

Being kind to a girl that on one else likes. 

Starting over. 

Embracing change when so much is unknown. 

Having hope is brave. 

Trying even when you don’t see results. 

Trusting even when you don’t feel secure. 

Taking a chance. 

I know, I know…these seem small. But I’ve realized that bravery comes in all shapes and sizes. Some brave acts we hear about-saving a life, standing up for what you believe in, an addict quitting their vice or an officer protecting people that hate them. But everyday hundreds of little brave acts take place in the shadows. Bravery takes different forms and means different things to different people. But no matter the size of the act doing something that scares you is brave. 


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