I did okay today

I’ve had more okay then grand, great or even good days. That I admit. 

But today I had a good mom day. Today I managed to juggle all the balls without dropping one. Despite feeling pretty lousy I buckled down and set about doing all I had to do. 

I got some work done. Weighed in (another story for another day). Left in time to get to the bank so I actually had money to get into the game. Hey-that’s a win. I’ve had to write a check, pay in change and even sneak in this season. That’s a proud moment-to pay for entrance into a softball game in nickels. But I digress—

I got the ice. Iced down the waters. Tied bows in the team gift. Remembered to grab the fruit (another win) and, thanks to my dad, got it all loaded in the car. I even managed to make it to the field only 5 minutes late. Luckily it was picture day so they were running behind. 

My player was sweet and thankful and seemed to appreciate the effort (huge win). The girls weren’t all jazzed about my snack bag-I overheard 2 in the bathroom saying the really wanted chick-fil-a–not pixie sticks and fruit. I sat in the stall for a minute ashamed. I wanted to yell out “there were peanut butter crackers and cookies too” but I refrained. And then I shrugged it off. I had fun napkins emblazoned with HOORAY. I had bubble gum because hey-what’s softball without bubbles? I had gold foiled bags and a gift. Pshhhhaw on chick-fil-a. 

My girls didn’t win. But it’s okay. At one point it was 7-0 and we looked like the bad news bears. But we rallied and made it a game. Rallying was something we couldn’t do last year so seeing them not quit was extraordinary! Yes there were a few tears in the dugout but it’s because they care. Last year we were considering putting midol in the water cooler due to all the crying and carrying on. Another win. 

At one point it was 9-8. We lost 11-8 but that’s not what matters. What matters is that we rallied and every single girl did something to keep their team in the game. 

My parents were there to watch. I was there to feed them, watch the practice and the game. Win. So we ate pizza in the car on the way home at 8p. I’ve got a happy girl. I was present.

Somedays being present is the best we can do as moms. As a working mom who often juggles things alone it’s hard to always be there. But I try. I hope that’s what my girl will remember. That I tried. That I did all I could to be there, to cheer and to support. If they remember that then all will be well. 

The smile on my girls face was my win tonight. I made her happy. Making her happy makes me happy. 


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