Making others happy

I was part of making someone happy today. It made me happy. 

A simple gesture brought big smiles. Making others smile feels good. 

A little glitter and some flowers are sometimes all it takes to make someone feel good. And don’t we all need that every once in awhile? An unexpected treat. A reminder that all the titles we hold: mother, co-worker, friend, sister, daughter, Neice, aunt, sister, cousin or grandmother-they all matter. We should all celebrate each of the roles we play in others lives. 

Life gets busy-we get busy and we forget to celebrate one another. Today was not that day. 

Today for a few minutes amidst all the busy we took just a second to appreciate others. And it felt grand. 

It wasn’t large or ornate. Just a simple recognition dreamed up by a very special team. I am lucky to be part of the group that thinks of others. My little team makes me a better person. I am lucky to have a giving, creative and talented team who thinks of others-always. Their sweet hearts and kind outlook on life inspire me. Their laughter and zest for a job well done makes me want to do more, be more and to demand more of myself. They bring sunshine even to the grayest of times. 

My merry little band creates smiles. They delight in the delight of others. What good company I keep. They praise. They bless. They think team even always. 

I am grateful and thankful to have them as part of my day. 

Making others smile and feel appreciated is no small task but they do it-every day. Selflessly. Because it’s right and because it’s in their hearts to do so. 

Special occasions or just because it’s a Monday or a Tuesday or any day of the week. They are always looking for reasons the celebrate others. It’s a joy to see the joy they bring to everyone around them. 

Always mindful of others-always mindful of right versus fair-they go through the grind of the day serving versus looking to be served. Their hearts are pure as are their motives. 

We may have made others smile today but I left with the biggest smile of all because I am part of this very special group of ladies. 


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