It’s been a sort kinda type of day.

I sorta understood about 30% of what was being said in a meeting I attended. 

I kind of got a few things done on my to-do list. My most successful cjore today was moving things from today’s and into tomorrow’s list. 

My errands at lunch were kinda successful. I only forgot THE One THING THAT I NEEDED!!!!!!  The one thing I had to have. The only reason I left work on my first lunch in weeks and I came back without it. Luckily my friend had my back and offered to take care of  it herself. Hot. Mess. That’s what I am. 

I kinda stayed in my diet by only getting the kids sized meal at a restaurant that may involve arches and a yellow and red color scheme. 

I sorta rocked delivering 12 shirts and bows even though practice ended 30 minutes early and I had to leave work in a freaking flash. 

So that’s sorta kinda successful since there are 13 girls on the team. I suck at math but even I know that 13 girls and 12 shirts and 12 bows=1 problem

Now I have Extra bows made. (See comment about the need for 13). The glitter that covered the kitchen table was kinda pretty. Sorta. Until it mixed with the mash potatoes. Ummm-yeah.

Donuts purchased-kinda. Order was for 9 glazed and 3 chocolate covered with sprinkles. Since my name isn’t Krispy Kreme I got 6 glazed and 6 chocolate covered. I’ll in-earth some sprinkles from some remote corner of my cabinet and call it a day. 

Big Girl-child made it to  all 3 of her events today. She was only 5 minutes late for the morning one, I was 10 minutes late getting her from the middle one and I bummed her a ride home from the 3rd one but hey….she was there and properly attired as a student, a softball player and a cheerleader. Oh yeah-wiggling a little happy dance here. 

I didn’t forget youngest child today which in and of itself is a miracle. I even got her before she was the very last one. Final 10 maybe not the last one. Sorta winning that one since I fully expected to forget her. 

Dinner cooked…okay….dinner was purchased and pre-cooked but it was made up of one green thing and some dairy-if you count pre-packaged-pre-processed cheese as such—Which I do tonight. It also contained a protein–BOOYAH. So it was fried….I even managed to buy fruit to make it a well balanced meal. Too bad I forgot to get the fruit salad out of the fridge. Oops.

Homework done. Books read. Bath….well….two out of three isn’t bad. Wet-wipes sorta count as soap and water. Right? Right. 

We missed bed time but not by much. We’ve done worse. 

Clothes picked out for tomorrow. Long sleeves and 99 degrees equal out when paired with shorts. I am pretty sure I read that somewhere. There is a reason for the schizophrenic attire. First home high school game=football players opening doors at car rider line in the morning. My little gal is gaga over football players and insisted on wearing a shirt emblazoned with the high school name so they know she loves them. Dang right I found said shirt and am allowing her to wear it. By doing so I have automatic leverage to get her UP and outta the house tomorrow. Hallelujah 

Checked in on the man-child who is staffing a fry stataion at his chick-fil-a’s all you can eat Nugget night. At 7p he proclaimed it to BE AWESOME via text. We will see how much enthusiasm he has when he stumbles in at 11:39 tonight. We will also how alert I am to hear about nugget night on my—-I mean his—second late night in as many days. 

Dessert done. Now I just need to remember it tomorrow morning. I have no idea how it will taste. I made it up as I went along. I also let my 6 year old sous-chef have some input. Yeah. We will see how that turns out. I didn’t exactly intend for butterscotch m&m’s as decorations but hey…:

Kitchen cleaned after the “let me help” baking project which included m&m’s exploding all over the floor when she insisted on opening them herself, lumpy pudding because I didn’t want to hurt her feelings after she told me is was perfect and a oppsy from all that pudding mix not making it into that bowl. Okay. So clean is a slight exaggeration. It’s picked up and the dishwasher is running. Close enough. 

So I sorta won the day and kinda made a mess of it all at the same time. Somedays that’s the best you can hope for. 


3 thoughts on “Sorta-kinda 

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  2. That’s exactly how my week has been. Different details, same story. That’s just the way it goes sometimes. (Or most times) However, moms like us are kind of amazing for even sort of kinda getting it all done and our kids are (hopefully) learning some important lessons about hard work and persistence from us. So at least there’s that.

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