Mama tried

Handmade Halloween. I did it despite my current state. It was cuter in my mind. 

Made me nostalgic for the years when my oomph matched my ideas and my little one actually looked like I’d pictured her in my mind…

Obviously in years past I’ve had a little more energy towards my handmade Halloween projects. 

Someday I hope she’ll remember that I tried. I hope she’ll forget that the year she was 6 I sat around more then before, that I was short(er) tempered and that everything I did seemed at 1/2 speed and 1/2 way. Instead I hope she’ll remember that I laughed when I talked about her as an octopus or that seeing pictures of her as a flower “plot” always makes me smile. I hope she will remember that I made bows for her sister and swim presents for her brother and that for her I made costumes. I hope that’s what she will tell her little ones one day. 

Mama tried baby-mama tried.


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