I need to work on this whole adult thing. 

At about 5pm it dawned on me that I had no one waiting on me. Boy was at a team swim dinner and was then heading to his high school basketball game. 

Big girl had an away game. She wanted to ride the bus home from the game as she was going straight from the team bus to a spend the night event at her besties house. 

Little girl was with her daddy. 

The one day I get to leave work early and I have no where to be and no one to be there with. 

I had no idea what to do. 

I considered a movie but that’s just sad. A movie alone on a Friday night…sad. Sunday or Saturday during the day is okay but to the rest of the world Friday is date night. No since humiliating myself by being a solo in a sea of couples. Nope. That was out. 

So…I had nothing. Nada. Zip. 

I had to leave work. So I did. I sat in my car and waited on an epiphany. None came. I started the car and waited. Nope. Still nothing. 

Because I live in the wild side (ha) I took a left instead of a right out of the parking lot. Such a rebel I am. 

Friday night. Alone. Childless. 

I end up at the grocery store. Yes, the grocery store. At least I went to the adult one-the one without car shaped buggies. I grabbed a little buggy and began my stroll. I weaved in and out of fresh fruits and vegetables. No one said “uhh or GROSS,” that was nice. 

I pursued fancy cheeses and homemade breads. I oogled the meats and the desserts. I stopped my the wine section and eased through the organic pasta section. In the end I got fruit for the swim meet. Some fancy trail mix. Muffins for my swimmer to eat in the morning. A crab cake. Fresh spinach pasta and some edible Cookie dough. Nothing screams party of one like a single crab cake and edible cookie dough. 

It was 6:15. The sun was still out. I still had no where to go. 

I couldn’t go shopping. I had a crab cake. I didn’t want to go shopping because the size I need to buy is depressing. Maybe I should re-think that Cookie dough. 

I went to another grocery store. Yep. This one has the car shaped grocery carts. No, i didn’t get one of those. I grabbed a basket and made my way to the cosmetic sections. It’s Friday night. I am single and have no obligations and I am in the shampoo aisle looking for the gray bottle for gray hair. They don’t sell it. 

So I went home. 

The night is young. I can still salvage it! I thought to myself. So I grabbed my fancy wind glass and Tried to open some wine. I don’t know much about wine-which was evident-as I stripped the foil to discover a metal cage and a champagne style cork. I put on back in the fridge. I have no idea how to open one of those things. 

When the phone rang I was estatic. I grabbed it like a drowning man grabs a life preserver. I pressed the green button. My adorable, big eyed, chubby cheeked, round faced little girl was on the other end. She was giggling. Not at me. She was at her daddy’s friends house and wanted to say hi. I watched as she giggled and played with her daddy’s friends son. Soon she tired of me on the other end and gave her customary, “well I was just calling to say hi,” which is signals that she’s over and done with the FaceTime call. She hung up. 

I thought…quiet house…I’ll read. That seemed like a good idea until I couldn’t find any glasses. Not a single pair. Reading was out. 

So I started dinner. I hadn’t “cooked” in a long time. I chopped tomatoes and boiled water. Things were fine until I tried to see how long I needed to boil the pasta. No glasses, remember. I squinted. I tried the flashlight I my phone. Couldn’t see a darn thing. So o dumped it and figured I couldn’t burn pasta for goodness sakes. Too bad during my quest to see the directions on the pasta package I had burned my $6 crab cake. 

I couldn’t even get a party of one started.

So I made snacks for the swim meet tomorrow. The 6 hour, 1100 swimmers swim meet. 

It’s not even 7pm. 

My phone dinged. It was big girl! Oh…big girl who, while at a spend the night party, was concocting plans for Saturday. I said no. 

I couldn’t make myself clean. I just plain didn’t want to do laundry.  It was dark my now so a walk was out. 

In the end I put on my fuzzy pajama pants complete with bright pink hearts and threw my hair in an old lady mom bun on top of  my head. I grabbed a spoon and my “single woman” cliche and began a rousing game of single player scrabble. Me and the dog. 

My Friday nights need work. 


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