So I get a text with this picture this morning. First of all can I say that I am tickled pink that my son loves giving me blog ideas!

Remember the old country song, ‘I shaved my legs for this?’ Never thought my son would trigger memories of that particular melody.  I didn’t expect my daughter to yell,”get out of the bathroom! I have a game tomorrow. You aren’t the only one that has to shave their legs a tonight ya know.” Nope. Never imagined that particular fight. 

But today is state. The pinnacle of the high school swim year. My fella met his goal…heck he exceeded his goal with pure heart and determination and is swimming in 4 events–the max allowed. 2 individuals and 2 relays. 

He qualified for the individual events right at the state qualifying time. “Hang on…one more minute….almost there…few more swipes…alllllllmmmmossssstttt..” this was the commentary he gave while finding his name on the psych sheet. It was hilarious and I loved his good natured outlook. By just meeting the qualifying time he’s seeded way down in the bottom. But he’s there. Only top 20 make finals and come back to swim another day. He won’t make that in the fly or the back-but it’s okay. A 40th state ranked swimmer is still a state ranked swimmer. We will have the t-shirt to prove it! His relays have an outside…very outside chance. He believes they will make it to top 20 so I will believe it too. 

Where he’s expected to finish  doesn’t stop my fella. He doubled up on practices a few times this week. He put himself on a water regime. He spent over an hour shaving, yes shaving, his legs. Anything to drop even a millisecond. 

That’s what I so love about this fella of mine. He is still giving 100%. He’s still in the game. He’s still fighting even if it’s to drop a second or move up one notch. He’s a fighter. He’s swimming for persoal pride. He’s swimming to chase away the echoes of “you are too short” and “swimmings not a real sport.”  He swim swim with memories is jeers and taunts chasing him. He will swim with worries he’s not good enoug. But he will swim. He will swim with all he’s got. He will fight all the way to the wall. Because that’s who he is in the water. He will always swim like a champion. 

So yes baby. I will write a blog for you today. I’ll write about your shaved legs. But I’ll also write about how much I learn from you every time I watch you swim. 

I’ll write to dispel your belief that me, your dad, your grandparents…that anyone is disappointed because you are a swimmer and not a football player.  After watching you swim no one would ever want you to be anything other than what you are…you are a swimmer. You are a fighter. You are an underdog. You are a surprise. You are an inspiration. You are the heart of a team. You are poetry in motion in the water. You are an athlete. You are a champion. 

So go and do your do your thing today. Don your new racing suit with your smooth as silk legs. Put on your gold cap. Arm yourself for battle. I’ll be there cheering (and crying) for you. My heart will burst with pride rather you are first or 41st. 

You are a champion! You are my hero. 


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