A big night x 3

Ask me who, after making his first final at a state event, ran across the pool deck and into the stands. Ask me who tried to act causal when he got there saying,”I just wanted to thank you for coming,” but then his voice broke, “it means a lot.” My fella—that’s who. 

That hug! Oh that hug and oh the fact that he left celebrating with his friends to find ME! He might have made the finals but he made me feel like a winner by sharing his victory with me. 

4 personal best times…a final with a relay team ans being so thoughtful as to include me in his. If moments…I simply couldn’t ask for more. And I had a friend to share my excitement with. His son had already made finals and had finished swimming. But he stayed. He stayed to watch and cheer Colton on… he was the one that called out “THEY MADE IT!” He was the one that called his wife to tell me Coltons relay was in too. I am grateful for good and supportive swim parent friends. It made the victory so much sweeter by getting to share it with someone. 

My little girl got to be a dancing diva tonight thanks to her grandpa taking her to the dance. My dad said she danced and smiled and had a big time. Her gramsey for her nails done and curled her hair. She felt pampered and special. It was a big night for my girl. 

Big girl knew she was loved even though I couldn’t make her last game as a middle school cheerleader. The goody bags tickled her and her friends abs hopefully distracted from the fact that I wasn’t there. Thanks to some awesome colleagues of mine she knew I was thinking of her. They took the time to hug her and give her a note reminding her how proud I was of her.  I wasn’t there tonight but my friends made sure she knew I wanted to be. 

It takes a village to raise a child and tonight I was lucky enough to have a village to count on. Each child had their own moments. It was a grand, big night and they all got to have their own experiences without feeling slighted. And I got to share their experiences a little thanks to special, special people in my life. 

Tonight by cup runneth over….

An old friend suggested a gratitude journal to keep things in perspective. I don’t have enough words to list all the things I am grateful for today. 

Tonight I am thankful for the big happy smiles all my babies has today. 

I am grateful for a supporting network of people who help me love my babies. 

I am thankful for parents willing to be here to pick me up my slack. 

I am thankful for the kind and sweet hearts of my kiddos. 

I am thankful to have friends I can call to share my news. 

I am thankful for answered prayers. 

I am thankful for these grand experiences I get to share with my babies. 

I am grateful to be their mom and grateful to all the people that Help me to be a good one. 

Tonight I am just grateful.


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