I almost didn’t…after 14 years of handmade Valentine’s I almost admited defeat, threw in the white flag and spent $2.99 on the Frozen pre-made Valentine’s. 


In the end I didn’t. I always try to finish what I start…unless it’s marriage…so…

It started in kindergarten. The kids and I were 6months into apartment living. Money was time tight. So tight that I decided to use the scrapbooking supplies I already had versus spending any money. I cut and colton decorated. Each child got a cut-out decorated letter…a for Asia, b for Barclay…you get the idea. For each one I made colton tell me something nice about the person. 

It was a good thing we started in plenty of time. Whew! For a few the nicest thing he could come up with was “she smiles sometimes” or “she isn’t mean”. By Valentine number 19 I let it slide. 

I probably still have glitter on me somewheee from that long ago because it got EVERYWHERE. Turns out handmade Valentine’s requiring sentiment and thought don’t pare well with ADD. Who knew. 

Like childbirth, I forgot all the bad and only remembered the good…sitting at the kitchen table my fella and I. So in his first grade year we did it again. 

So handmade Valentine’s were born. And every year we did it again. First my fella, then miss priss…year after year after year. 

This year I almost called it quits. 

But that face…one look at that face and I knew I couldn’t. I wanted her to have the same memories as the bigs. One day it would matter. If I was lucky one day she would make me a valentine like her sister did. Read about that and laugh. The handmade Valentine of miss brutal honesty herself

I almost didn’t…but in the end I did. My bug deserves the same effort as the first two. So she got it.

I am completely stupid. This year I I did not repeat the “say something nice” about everyone debacle. With my bug that could have gotten ugly very quick. I didn’t pull out the glitter and glue because I have finally learned that ADD-glue-glitter should never inhabit the same space. 

White paper, foam heart stickers and a teddy bear. I had visions of quality photographs but that got too complicated quickly. So in the end it was me, my girls and an iPhone. 

Goofing off

Giggling Girl

They had fun. She got her homemade, handmade Valentine and I didn’t quit. We all won. Her sister, who secretly misses making valentines cards even stepped up to help. Without causing drama. It was probably because she wanted the candy but…hey…I’ll take what I can get. 

There will be no roses in this house. No sentimental cards. No jewelry, no romantic dinners with wine or chocolate. But there will be love. And memories. And handmade Valentine’s.


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