Another way of looking at tomorrow 

2012 Valentine’s Day (or lack thereof) story. A reminder that the view from the rear view mirror isn’t as clear and the view from the front. 
2013 Valentine’s story is about asking for and getting what you want. 
2014 I didn’t even bother. 

2015 the year of the brutally honest valentine. The only Valentine’s that includes the phrase “even if you do get on my nerves.”

2016 came and went between a tirade on why I hate Walmart and meeting a hero. 

2017. It is what you make it, right?

This year my goal is to make others feel loved. 

Even though it doesn’t look like what I thought it would-I love so much about my life.

  • I love with all my heart me fella, my sassy one and my hot mess. Every day they give me something to marvel at. Their resiliency and heart teach me something every day. 
  • I love-fiercely-my tribe of friends who make me smarter and stronger then I would ever be in my own. 
  • I love people that barely know me or that used to know me reaching out to say “thinking of you” or “how are you today?”
  • I love bananas. 
  • I love parents that love my fella, my sassy one and my hot mess. I couldn’t do this without them. 
  • I love my small work family. L.o.v.e. 
  • I love the new work family friends I am making. There are some super-cool-super-smart people in my life.
  • I love that the freaks in don’t know my feel name. Wait until you see that blog-with pictures-it is bound to be a doozy. 
  • I love hugs. 
  • I love when my house is clean-at least I think I do-it’s been so long my memory is fuzzy. 
  • I love being a swim mom, a softball mom and  a cheer mom. I love that my kids see humor in my antics and that their teammates-to my face anyway- smile and say that they like the way I loudly love my athletes. 
  • I love making stuff…when it works. When it doesn’t, and that happens often, I hate it.
  • I love that sometimes….things don’t go as planned and that those are sometimes the very best memories.
  • I love this blog. I love to write. I love having a place to write. I love when people comment on my blog because something I wrote spoke to them. 
  • I love little Debbie red velvet snack cakes. And it shows. 
  • I love the little dimples in my baby girls hands that remind me she’s not grown yet. 
  • I love the scent of lavendar. Even more so I love the fact that my son knows this and gave me some for Christmas.
  • I love that my girl wrote me letters for Christmas to open at various times of the year. 
  • I love the ocean. It soothes my soul. 
  • I love the words thistle and pumpkin. It makes my mouth happy yo say them. Try it. You will thank me later. 
  • I love whimsical birds. 
  • I love sliding into clean sheets. 
  • I love that I share my grandmothers names. I love that my son carries my dad’s name and that my little ones middle name was inspired by her grandmothers. 
  • I love when I get off my arse and so something adventurous. Why don’t I do that more??
  • I love that ice you get from sonic.
  • I love that I am loved my uncles and aunts that still support me even though I never see them. 
  • I love that just last week someone reminded me that I changed their life 13 years ago by doing my job as they were thanking me for helping them advance all these years later. I love that I made a positive impact on someone. 
  • I love quilts. 
  • I love parts of my story. I can’t pretend it was all a nightmare. Part of the story that made me who I am is lovely. 
  • I love songs that make me think. And sometimes I love the songs that make me cry. Somtimes a song induced cry is just that the doctor ordered. And I have a few songs in my arsenal that guarantee tears. 
  • I love that my babies have so many wonderful people to help shape their lives. 
  • I love to cuss. I do. 
  • I love a fire in a fireplace.
  • I love samples at Sam’s. You time a shopping trip right in a Sunday afternoon and you don’t even have to buy lunch. 
  • I love glitter. 
  • I love my heart pajama pants even with the holes and the worn spots at the knees. 
  • I love conversations that you slip back into even if the conversation stopped a long while ago. 
  • I love sleeping late. Everyone usually loves me better when I get to sleep late too.
  • I love crisp fall air and the colors of autumn. 
  • I love brown paper packages tied up with sting. 
  • I love how things look under the soft glow of a lamp. 
  • I love when I do things for others that makes them smile. 
  • I love the sound my bell makes. 

I could keep going but I don’t need to. This was an exercise to remind myself of all the things I love instead of dwelling on the ways I am not loved. Especially tonight. 


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