What is not to love?

I screech to after school at-no lie-5:56. This was after I apologized to big girls PRINCIPAL who had to hang out with her after track practice today. Seems as if she didn’t think it was a good idea for kinsley to be ALONE at the school. Talk about embarrassing. 

Baby girl is the last kid at daycare. She’s waiting outside. And she’s pissed. Being the last one to be picked up is not her favorite thing. So we already had one strike. 

Big girl and I can’t wait to hear about her say. She was so excited about Valentine’s Day!!!!!! She gets in glowering at is and we, in unison, squeal, “how was it?” She slams then car door, hunches in her seat as sullenly says, “I hate Valentines day.” Uh oh. We probe and prod until we finally get to the source of her discourse. She’s afraid to tell me. With good reason. Note to self: make sure teachers are at school before sending chocolate. Seems as if one of my baby daughters teachers was in a meeting today. Since she wasn’t there to get the chocolate Sadie ate it. All of it. It was one of those HUGE Hershey kisses. She. Ate.It.All. 

Now I am pissed. We both pout. 

We arrive at the grocery store where there isn’t a single spot. Cars were waiting 2 deep on spots. It was like someone forecasted snow!

Making our way into the store made me think of salmon swimming up stream to spawn. Only the ones that were spawning were coming at us. Men of every shape, size and demeanor weee flocking out of the store carrying enormous bouquets. Guess the later you wait the bigger the boquets you buy. These guys were getting a work out just carrying these suckers. Even teen girl commented,”talk about waiting to the last minute. Look at all these flowers!”

Then she gasped and grabbed for her phone. “Mom…I got that sweetest text today. Look Sadie–it’s for you too,” she held up her phone to show me a picture of daffodils my dad had texted her. “I got them too!” I proclaimed. We spent the next few minutes bantering about how sweet it was and what we were doing when we saw them. She was absolutely giddy.

I told her how he used to give my sister and I little treats in Valentine’s day and how special it made me feel. Her smile told me the texted flowers made her feel the same way. I thought to myself…way to raise that bar high dad! Make it hard for any guy to measure up. 

Inside the store we looked over the pilfered shelves looking for the girls beau a treat. We settled on a 4 foot red and pink caterpillar that snuggled good like his hugs. Ugh. And a 2 pound bag of m&ms. I am sucker. 

1/2 way home she squeaked,”Mom…he’s just asked where I was!!! Mom! Do you think he’s at our house?” The 15 minute car ride became frantic. She’d been at track practice so she she stunk (no-she really did). Mom to the rescue. I had spritzer. She panicked that he would think the worm was dumb. I talked her off that ledge. She verbally debated whether to her the worm out when she got it or leave it in the car in case until she assessed the situation. I listened and didn’t roll my eyes…much..

It was high drama-a 14 year old girl on her first Valentine’s Day with her suitor waiting on her front porch. Need I say more?

The whole caterpillar debate was for naught because I hadn’t even gotten the car stopped before she pole vaulted out and launched herself into his arms for a rib crushing hug. 

1/2 dozen roses, a card and a stuffed animal and a hug. There isn’t really anymore that needs to be added. 

The spoils of Young love


After she left she gushed about “how sweet and amazing he was” and how she never understood the mushy-lovey-dovey-stuff until now. On and on and on it went. And on and on and on. And on. Finally she came up for air and said,”oh…sorry mom.” Great. My daughter can’t enjoy her first love for worrying about her loveless mom. I assured her it was fine. So she want back to her giddy recount of the event I had just witnessed.

The younger girl zoned in the corner in a self-induced chocolate coma. 

Big girl finally stopped gushing thanks to the pizza I put in her mouth. I hoped fresh spinach was an antidote to chocolate as I piled it high on my Valentine hating little girls plate. 

The finale of the evening was a bath bomb my fella had given me for Christmas. I’d been saving it for tonight. A luxurious and relaxing bath would be my treat for surviving the day. 

That lasted 2.3 seconds. Here comes baby girl ripping off socks and hiking up pants ready to go just put her feet in.  Right behind her is big girl. I threw the cloth over the bits not covered my the foamy water. I barely got the rag on place before I saw a phone camera zeroing down on me. I shrieked. She laughed. She wanted an artsy picture of the cotton candy bath bomb. 

I didn’t have time to scold her because I was overcome with this smell. This putrid smell that permeated the small room. IT WAS FEET. The stench was my 6 year olds feet that she was lowering into my long anticipated bath!

So. I sat crumpled in the corner of a too small tub while big girl took artsy pictures and little girl soaked her stanky feet, a legs and (shocker) eventually her entire body. On accident of course. 

Now I am in bed. Not alone. Not the Valentine’s Day I’d imagined in my younger days. Not sleeping single in a double bed tonight. No sir! Here I am, a little one smelling of chocolate despite MY bubble bath. She keeps schooching closer until I have one cheek teteering on the edge of the bed. The only thing keeping me on is the dog who has currently cutting off circulation to my feet. 

What’s not to love about a single moms Valentine’s Day? I can’t lie. I love all of it.


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