Let there be light! 

I made a “big girl” purchase recently. New floors!!! I paid my money, met the workers one morning and eagerly awaited the end of the day to see the transformation. 

Yeah-like anything in my life is that easy. 

It was 8ish before the after school pick-ups and track meet was over. It was pitch black when I rounded the corner to my little home. 

The first thing I noticed was the work van was still there. I didn’t dwell on that because from the back seat I heard, “gramsey and grandpa!”

“Gramsey and grandpa aren’t here!” I said just before I noticed 2 things at once. That was my mom in my front porch and the view from the window behind her didn’t look like the view when I left that morning. “What the heck?” I said…well that’s not exactly what I said but it’s close enough. 

My front porch was full of my furniture. Not good. I made my way cautiously thru the mindfield of debris to my front door. 

At least I thought it was my front door…I had second thighs when I peered in and saw a totally transformed den! It had been repainted and staged perfectly. My poor mom and dad looked exhausted slumped down in my new-to-me chairs. 

Seems as if they had conspired with the floor company. I was going to surprise them and do it “all by myself” but they had other plans. When I slipped out to work they slipped in, and like little elves, worked their magic.

It has been a dull year. Lots of stress and not a lot of relief. I’ve been sad and not able to perk myself up as well as I used to. Age, lack of vitamins (literally) and massive amounts of angst had my world a little dark. 

And suddenly there was light!

My new den Is soothing, calming and feels like a deep breath of fresh air. It reminds me of the beach-my happy place. It’s clean and uncluttered. It’s light. It’s airy. The ambience urges you to “sit a spell”. I love it. 

And it was a complete and total suprise. The transformation was like sunshine bursting through storm clouds. I walk in and smile. 

Let there be light!

It was such an amazing suprise that I didn’t even mind that my toliet was in my bathtub or that my refrigerator was in my back deck…seems as if the floors were a mite more work than anticipated. It didn’t matter that I couldn’t even see my bed or that I couldn’t get to my closet to get dressed for work the next day. It really didn’t. Not a bit. That was all temporary but my den was here to stay. 

It’s a work in progress. My parents did all hard work. A new couch and a few pictures and viola! 

In a season of some dark days it’s so incredible to come home to where it’s light. 

Thanks mom and dad—again! 


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