Matching shoes and live fish 

I went to sleep well after midnight. It’s now 4a and I am WIDE awake. I have a 12 hour workday ahead of me today. Sleep would have been helpful. Why can’t I sleep? When I left work today this was what I left:

That’s 1003 unread emails in my in-basket. Most of them requiring work or action to “clear”. In typical me fashion I can’t sleep for worrying about all that I have to do…and how long it’s going to take me to do it. Which leads to panic about the amount of time o need to work Versus the mommy responsibilities like soccer practice and after school pick up. I don’t know how less than 4 hours of sleep is going to help any of that but here we are….

In an effort to distract myself I replayed the week thus far:

My daughter suffers horribly from monthly cramps. Horribly. She was home Monday with them. As it was the first day in our new system I was at work. In a meeting when I get this text from my 14 year old. There has to be an easier way to know you aren’t pregnant! I burst out laughing.

Monday night I was in charge of table decor for the high school swim banquet. I’d had to work the night before so I didn’t have time (energy actually) to load my car. So I delegated…at least I can do that somewhere! My 17 year old was tasked with getting the supplies from our kitchen table to the school cafeteria. Lord love him. He’s always willing to help but you can’t say grab the stuff and bring it to cafeteria. He needs much More and specific instructions. Like the kind of instructing that makes you wonder why you didn’t just do it yourself. Being me I had live fish as part of the decor. There could be an entire blog about the insanity that ensued with me trying to instruct my son on transporting of said live fish. I can only imagine how it sounded to anyone passing my office–“no, they need to be alive when you get there.” Or “they need water to live!” Or “exactly who in the hell is going to hold them while you drive?!?” Or “DO NOT WRAP THEM IN SARAN WRAP!” 

Somehow, miraculously, all 4 fish arrived. Alive though somewhat traumatized. It was worth it–sorta-as they were the hit of the night. Even more so then the pictures boquets…could have saved a lot of skin by NOT hot gluing had I known. 

Tonight my baby girl was so excited to share her story with me. It was an opinion piece. Her topic? Why quicktrip was a good place to take kids. Granted she’s in first grade but man-oh-man if I don’t need to get her out more if a gas station is top of mind when the teacher ask “tell me about a fun place you like to go with your family.” Poor 3rd child!

This is the same child that I almost—almost—sent to school knowingly wearing 2 different tennis shoes. Hey-we were late, it was PE day and there were NO matching shoes to be found. Anywhere. Again-3rd child you are just happy that they have shoes on. Matching shoes is icing. Just kidding. I didn’t. I almost did. I would have but she freaked out a bit about her “fast shoes” (that’s what she calls tennis shoes) not matching. School is hard enough for her without the stigma of mis-matched shoes! We-all 3 of the people on this house that could find their shoes–finally found a pair that matched. They were a size too big BUT THEY MATCHED. 

So…on less then 4 hours sleep I am going to tackle this long day ahead. With luck I’ll get to work with matching shoes today. As tired as I am that’s not a certainty, though. 


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