I will never 

I will never let my babies have a pacifier. That last all of 3 hours. 

I will never sit on the backseat just to appease my baby. Yep. I’ve done that.

I will never get divorced. We know how that goes. I never wanted get divorced. 

I will never tell my children “because I said so”.  Started using that phrase 2 years in. 

I will never we let a dog sleep on…

See how well that worked out.

I will never drive a mini van. So far so good on that one.

I will never be a soccer mom.

Yep…that’s mine. Yep…that’s a soccer ball.

The older I get…and I am feeling older my the say…I find the wisdom in the saying never say never because, inevitably, you do what you claimed you would never do. 

I will never make that mistake again….until you do.

I will never miss a game/track meet/swim meet. But you do. 

I will never feed my children cereal for dinner. Ummm hmmm

I will never let my kids go to school in mid-matches clothes….and then there was Sadie. 

I will never let myself….

I will never regret a decision….

I will never gain that weight back. Hello stress and pre-menopause. 

I will never put work first. But then you become the sole provider and you find yourself having to make tough choices. 

I will never..

The older I get the more I wonder if the universe has a strange sense of humor and hears “I will never” and says “here, hold my beer.”

Or is it a lesson? I will never….but then eventually you do and you realize how silly or stupid it was to declare you won’t do anything. I’ll never be a soccer mom. Why!? One look at my daughters smile. One moment of seeing her interacting with other children and all the reasons I said I will never…became meaningless. 

Sometimes the thing you will never do is the one thing you want to do because there is comfort in doing something you’ve done before.

I will never let my children sleep with me.

My current view.

Sometimes you do the thing you swore you would never do and you realize you were right all along. You make the same decision or the same mistake and have to re-build, re-create or re-live something that hurt the first time. 

I will never…I feel like a fool for all the times I’ve said that. Because the truth is we never really know what we will or won’t do until faced with the choice, the circumstances or the situation. 

There are things I wishes I’d never done. Things I wished I would have done. Choices I would have made differently. Things I would have said, or would never have said. 

But I’ll never look back…

Yeah, that hasn’t worked out so well either. 


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