All kinds of love 

What a weekend! 

The weekend started with me becoming a “mom” to a brown eyed, slightly bow-legged, floppy new dog named Kiki Brittany. Kiki is her name but little bug wanted to add Brittany in memory of her sweet counselor who recently passed away. It was a Symbolic weekend to adopt. 

The decision  defies logic. It’s ridiculous to add another dog into the family…but we did. Or rather colton did. I just said yes.  Heck…I’ve made a lot of bad decisions in my life. At least this one made my babies happy. 

How could I say no?

Kiki Brittany

Saturday my babies, both dogs and I headed to Toccoa for my sisters wedding.  For the first time I got to see the pavilion named after my dad’s mom and my namesake—Elizabeth Hayes. Evidently she was the queen of the Tugalo and know all the history of the area. She grew up in that area and knew every story, every event and all the history of the area. That was my nanny.

My moms besties came to the wedding to support her. They aren’t my moms but they love my mom and they are like family. My Aunt Debbie was there too. She’s always loved me like her own. And there was my mom…running around making things beautiful and special for my sister. My daughters looked precious and my niece looked so pretty. She hugged me and told someone I was the best aunt ever…okay…I might have swayed that vote with a trip to NYC…but still…what a Thing to hear. My sister was there to get married but I was the one that felt surrounded by love. 

I woke up to a handmade pinch pot and a story that my little one had very proudly written. So proudly that she woke me up at 6:30 am on SUNDAY to open it. 

“…I was so tired because I had a long day and I snuck downstairs to sub (ahhh man I forgot the n) it’s a-pposed a be snuggle-with my mom and she plays with me.” Her daddy has let her pick out other gifts as well. Her proud, Beaming smile as I opened them was priceless. 

My son wrote me the sweetest note. A note that made me cry because it was so heartfelt and perfect. I am raising a good man. As a mom that is the best gift of all. 

My incredible daughter wrote me a note that listed all the reasons she loves me. I hate that she and I had to fight before I read it. Not my best mommy moment. By a long shot. This fight was my fault and I am sad I hurt her fragile little heart. Especially when I read page after page of pure sweetness. If my daughter really sees me the way she describes then I am doing something right. Her note was 4 pages long. I don’t have a picture but it will get its own blog. 

Pancakes on the breezeway and a morning looking through old pictures of my mom’s mom and my mom through the years was a perfect way to spend the day. Here is my talented grandmother with my mom wearing the wedding dress she’d made. 

Before I left my son, dad and I loaded an iron bed into the truck my parents made it possible for my son to drive. But it wasn’t any iron bed. This was the iron bed that had been my dad’s as a little boy. It was the bed my parents had when they got married. And now it’s mine. I love having a piece of my own history. 

I assumed my day was over when we rolled in to our humble little abode at 8pm. But I was wrong. Waiting on me was gift from my secret mom friend. And it was PERFECT. If someone had asked me to name my favorite things I would have picked the things she gave me. To be loved like that tickled me. Even my little one said, “Wow, mom, they know everything you like!” How very, very cool to have someone really know you and love you so much that they know exactly what makes you happy. 

But still it wasn’t over. My son’s friend dropped by flowers and the sweetest card. She said I wasn’t her mother but I had treated her so nicely during a crazy time in her life and she wanted me to know how much it meant. I hadn’t realized how much she needed someone. I’d just treated her like my own but it had mattered to her. 

It was Mother’s Day and I was lucky enough to spend it with my mom. Luckily I got to spend the weekend with other people that love me or that I love like like moms. Being loved and being loved like that makes all right in my world. 

I am the mom to 3, have a mom and have been loved by women who loved me like a mom loves a child. I’ve been lucky to have loved the moms of my parents. I have provided love to someone who needed it. The are all kinds of love and this weekend I got to experience all of it. 


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