25 lessons of summer

1. Leaving sushi in your car. Overnight. In may. With the windows up is never, ever a good idea. 

2. It takes 4 days of vacation before you finally lose the furrowed lines on your brow. It takes 1 day for it to come back when your vacation is over. 

3. Reading a map with no concept of north or south is the same as NOT knowing how to read a map. 

4. Sometimes all you need is some fresh air, a bubbling stream and a few hours of skipping rocks. There is nothing like hearing your son say to your baby girl, “grandpa taught me to do it and now I am going to teach you.”

Teaching her to skip rocks

5. Letting go is hard. Giving space and freedom when all you want to do is hold them close is hard.  Knowing they want to break free is hard. Watching them do it is harder still. 

6. 2 dogs is NOT the same as one dog. 

7. Weight gain is not for the weak. It takes WORK to carry the weight, the embarrassment and the shame of being fat. 

8. On that same note I wish I was as fat as I thought I was the first time I thought I was fat. 

9. We are 2 weeks into summer and I am already exhausted. Swim teams, shifting schedules, kids here there and yon is exhausting. Even a colored coded spreadsheet and a slide rule hasn’t made it any easier. 

9. There is no joy like spending a beautiful summer day and $45 dollars in quarters at a laundromat getting every piece of dirty laundry on the house finally washed and dried. There is no agony like 3 hours later having a laundry basket overflowing with wet beach towels, swim suits and all the dirty clothes from the day. A woman’s work is truly never done. 

10. The whole sushi thing…don’t do it. 

11. Only granddaughters can make their grandpas wear sombreros. And there is no better way to spend a birthday than surrounded by the ladies in your life (if you are a grandpa).

12. Being an aunt is pretty freaking cool. Being aunt to a neice who likes adventure is even better. Hearing, “this is the best night of my life” after an adventure with your niece is the best!

13. There is a special place in heaven for mothers that survive teenage daughters. I hope I make it there. 

14. Teen age boys fall in love fast and hard. And sisters of teenage boys that are in love fall just as hard and fast for the girl their brother loves.

15. It’s the last summer swim season for my fella. 11 years of summer swim. And it all ends this July. My heart isn’t ready.

16. When you are surrounded by your little ones 24-7 you secretly long for 5 minutes to yourself. 5 minutes of being alone and all you want is your babies back. 

17. I’ve seen more of the top of my daughters head than any other part of her body this summer. 

18. Any email after the 1324th is just ridiculous. Ask me how I know. 

19. It’s not easy being the mean momma. It’s necessary–but it’s not easy. 

20. They don’t stay little long. Facebook memory hop is all the proof you need of that. 
21. A $35 dollar pie is no tastier then a $9.99 Sara Lee one. 

22. Yes, traveling to NYC to get edible cookie dough is totally worth it. No, buying 3 scoops in the heat of summer while on a 3 hour bus tour in rush hour traffic is not ideal. This I know. 

23. I now know the difference between a macron and a macaroon. I wish I didn’t. I love macaroons which certainly isn’t helping with the weight issue. But boy-oh-boy….macaroons where have you been all my life!!!

24. The start of something always signals the end of something else. 

25. 2 weeks on…8 more to go. 


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