Mike drop

Several years ago I had a campaign to find the a+ moment in each day. It was a way of reminding myself that no matter how bad the day was there was always a gem, a hidden treasure to cherish. Life is about the small moments—and I tend to get tied up in the rush or the stress and forget that. I haven’t been as diligent as I should about finding the A+ in each day. But it’s time to get back to it.
This morning was easy. School started earlier this week. It was hard. The stress of the first day, the changing routines, the early mornings and the rush to get out the door all started back with a vengeance. This morning we were all tired. It took a little longer to get baby girl out of bed then it should have. Which meant I was already behind and antsy. The 2 bigs and our houseguest were all upstairs, probably tripping over one another, getting ready. The dogs were playing and running here and there. Baby girl wouldn’t get out of bed. I was out of underwear that fit so I was already uncomfortable and squirmy. My first belt didn’t even consider going around me. The sole of my shoe had separated from the foot part so I was flopping around like drunken clown. I’d caught the dog drinking water from the dirty fish bowl which irked me because no one had watered the dogs and the fish was living in filth (like the rest of us). Baby girls hair was tangled and she wouldn’t let me comb it. Never even saw the big princess which meant she was wearing something she didn’t think would pass inspection. We were late. I was nervous about the elementary drop off. Chaos. Back to school chaos.

I wasn’t thinking about an A+ moment. I was really focusing on not screaming at anyone.

Had I been trying to find the good in the crazy I might have noticed:

  • · Somehow I remembered to pack a lunch. I’d cooked all week and had leftovers on hand!
  • · I found a belt.
  •  Baby girl put her own hair in a ponytail.
  • · Baby girl thought she looked spiffy in a new dress her grandmother had gotten her so she was actually smiling.
  • · The dogs got clean water.
  • · The fish would survive another 12 hours
  • · If big girl didn’t come downstairs at least we wouldn’t fight.
  • · I didn’t use my daughters toothbrush but did manage to get my teeth brush (hey that didn’t happen on Wednesday).
  • · I had the presence of mind to grab a backup pair of shoes.
  • · I said good-bye—that doesn’t always happen either.

As it was I almost missed the best A+ I could ask for!

We were rushing out the door and I heard fella yell from upstairs, “Bug…wait a minute.” I admit I rolled me eyes. She did too.
“What bubba?” she asked. I heard fumbling from the stairs.
“Give me a hug,” he demanded. It wasn’t her weekend to be with us so I thought he just needed a little extra love. I told her to give him her best squishy hug. I was satisfied with that being THE moment.
While they were hugging there was some weirdness movements happening. I saw baby girl pull away from the hug with a HUGE grin on her face and her hand behind her back. I am talking FACE splitting grin. “What’s that about?” I asked.
“Bubba gave me a dollar. For ice cream!” she yelled as he said grinned and said, “SHHHHHH….it’s supposed to be secret!” He wanted it to be a secret between him and her. I loved that even more.
Out the door we went. Little one clutching her $1 proudly. The night before we’d gone for a walk—the family. Well we walked and she sort of rode her bike. Fella and bug had raced at one point. After the race was over they were in front of us. She, on her bright pink bike with wobbly training wheels wearing her unicorn bike helmet. He, hat backwards, yellow shirt stretched tight against his muscles, was walking beside her with one hand on top of her helmet and the other clutching his phone. I’d wished I’d had my phone at that moment to capture the sweetness of the moment. Big brother and little sister bonding without a single word. Now I really wished I had taken the picture because it would have perfectly accompanied this blog!
When I got to work I texted him. “that was a really nice thing to do” his response “she deserve it”.
And that, ladies and gents, is an A+ moment. 17 year old unemployed senior stops what he’s doing to a) hug his sister goodbye b) think to give her a dollar c) actually giving her the dollar all because it’s Friday and he wants to reward her with ice cream.
It’s not nearly as impressive when writing but that folks is where I drop the mike. A+ moment.


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