Happy day 

Oh happy day!

Really. What a happy day. 

Serenaded. Spoiled. Treated. 

People who know me celebrating with me. People celebrating me in their own way. I love having people. 

This year I eased into my birthday. No expectations. No grand resolutions. No extensive plans for what this year would or should hold. This year just is what it is. I am who I am. Life will be what it will be.

And that’s okay. 

That’s enough. 

And how incredible it feels to just let happy happen. 

How incredible it feels to let the little things be the big things and not want for anything more.

My work family loves me. We’ve weathered a storm and have come out on the other side a little battered, a lot bruised, smaller in size but ready to face what comes next. Together. 

They showered me with love today. A little Jesus, a little vodka and some chicken salad. What more could a girl want? Seriously what more could a girl want than good people to work with…good people who make her a better person? People who drink a little and pray a lot? 

Tomorrow I’ll be with my tribe. The woman who taught me that real friends are worth the wait. That real friends just love you—no strings, no motives, nothing but raw honest love. I didn’t find them until late in life but it was so with the wait. Tomorrow we will be loud and laugh with abandon. We will drink a little and cuss a lot. It will be good to me in my little tribe again. The woman who changed everything…

Today I had new friends call to sing me happy birthday. My mom and dad sang to me like they did when I was a little girl. My aunt called. My family wished me well in texts and Facebook messages. 

And my babies…my sweet babies. A new member of my little clan gave me incredible roses. My sweet girl drew me a picture. My big babies did it all: confetti, balloons, yellow roses, a turtle charm and a new bracelet charm. They picked up. They planned a night in…my favorite kind of night. Fancy frozen pizza. Low fat ice cream. Action movies. They lit candles and sprayed air fresh. Every little thing I love they managed to have on hand for my birthday. Most importantly they were there. For me. With me. And they didn’t seem to want to be anywhere else. 

And that feels best of all. Having people in my life that know. Know me. Know what makes me smile. Know what I like. To be known is the very best gift of all. 

Every part of today was an A+ moment. Every part. Not because it was big or grand or extravagant. It’s easy to find joy and awe in big moments. Today was perfect in its simplicity. Simple and pure. Today was not what I expected. It was more. 

My fellas girl came and seemed happy to hang with us. Having her here, with us, made the day complete. It’s one more person snuggled up with us on the couch. 

Today people showed me…all on their own way…that they are happy I am alive. And having people happy that I am alive makes me happy. 

It’s a happy day. 


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