A few years ago I wroteA phone call about how one phone call can change your world.  Today I got a phone call that changed mine. It isn’t my story so that details aren’t mine to share. But I can share the part to of the story that is mine. Today I was on a call […]


“I’ll be 15 tomorrow!” You practically squeak with excitement. “I’ll be driving this time tomorrow!!!!” Oh be still my heart.  I’ve been through 15 before…it’s a beginning for you and an ending for me. It’s the start of your independence and the end of my being needed. I am as excited for you as I […]


18 years ago I went to bed early. I was 9months pregnant and didn’t sleep well so I ticked myself into the guest bedroom by myself.   I didn’t know if you were a boy or a girl. I was waiting to be surprised. That night I lay there, in the dark, and thought about […]