Tooth fairy 

With my first little one the tooth fairy delivered gold dollar coins. Fancy money. Magical gold left under the pillow by a fanciful fairy. 

That quickly became a pain in the a$$. 

The second one came along. No more gold coins. But the tooth fairy did sprinkle glitter on her pillow proving she was there. And, I will admit, once-just once I had a very mad/sad little girl crying out,”SHE DIDN’T COME!” I rushed in to save the day (and to drop a $5 bill on the floor) to help find it. 

And then there were 3. 

My phobia of teeth has intensified. I can’t even look at the nasty, wiggly things. Thanks god for big brothers!

Little hot mess lost a tooth Friday. Literally.

She’s a one track thinker. Once she realized it was loose (Wednesday) she didn’t rest until the poor thing was out. This included trying to wait up in her bubba Thursday night so he could wiggle and pull it for her. He was working so he didn’t make it home before she fell asleep. 

Her eyes weren’t even good and open Friday morning before she was hollering for her bubba to check her tooth. He answered her beck and bellow and promptly checked. “Another day,”he announced to her disappointment. 

She’s determined. When I picked her up from after school Friday afternoon there was the tooth in a wadded up paper towel. Lord she was excited. 

Thanks to modern technology she was able to face time her father. As she attempted to show him the tooth it fell. In the car. Between the seats. 

She has little itty bitty teeth. The car has great big crumbs. I fear the tooth is forever lost. Did I mention she’s determined? We all but sent in a search party for the little bugger. No luck. Drama and panic but no tooth. 

I promised her that the tooth fairy would take a note. 

We promptly went home and wrote a note. Which was promptly slid under my pillow. Did I mention she’s determined? She was determined the fairy would visit and that she would be sleeping with me when the visit occurred. 

I made my way to bed once the man child got home from work. It wasn’t until I’d settled in for a long winters nap….oops-wrong story…that I remembered a visitor was expected. Thank goodness she was asleep as I muttered a curse. Who has cash anymore????

At the very bottom of my purse, amongst the loose change, old cough drops and cracker crumbs there was a wadded up dollar. YES! A little more foraging and I found 3 more. Worn, wadded and old but money nonetheless. Score. 

I tried to get a bit of the wrinkles out by scraping them along the edge of the table. It didn’t work very well. In the end I gave up and took my wad to bed. Pretending to help her situated on the pillow I slipped the treasure underneath and then curled up to sleep. 

“Hey! She didn’t even take my note!” Are the words I awoke to this morning. Crap. “But I got monies!!!” In her right little first the wadded up dollars stuck out. Hallelujah. “It’s a little messy though,” girl doesn’t miss much. ‘Be glad you didn’t get copper my love’, I thought. It was that or those 9 pennies and a dime. 

This tooth fairy just ain’t what she used to be. 


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